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The Princess Bride and Wonder Woman collide in this illustration by Axel Medellin. [click to continue…]

The Princess Bride is a classic. CLASSIC. What negative things could someone possibly say about this film? Welllll Screen Junkies found some. I admit, they are hilarious. [click to continue…]


We’re big fans of coloring books for adults around here because there are just so many things to be stressed about. So many.

Fortunately we have films like The Princess Bride. It’s the perfect escape. So we are super excited that you can enjoy the story as a coloring book from IDW. [click to continue…]


The Princess Bride has been around nearly 30 years, and I’ve been watching the film for most of its existence. I still learn new things about the film now and then, and a child just came up with a theory that’s never occurred to me. Larry Young, co-founder of comic company AiT/Planet Lar watched the film on the first day of winter vacation with his kid Walker, and this was his reaction:

At the end, when Fred Savage asks Peter Falk to come back and read it again tomorrow and he has a little twinkle in his eye and replies “As you wish,” Walker turned to me and said, “Oh, right; he’s the last Dread Pirate Roberts and he’ll give the mask to his grandson tomorrow” AND YOU BLEW MY GODDAMN MIND LITTLE DUDE

What? Could the Dread Pirate Roberts mask be passed down for that many generations? I say yes, and this is how I’m going to choose to view the ending from now on. Thanks, Walker. You rock.

Bonus: See Walker dressed as the Dread Pirate Roberts after the break.

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princess bride monopoly

Are you ready to climb the the Cliffs of Insanity and travel across the fearsome Fire Swamp? Then you’re prepared to play Princess Bride-opoly. The game puts you right into the film, and you can buy properties as you travel across the kingdom. Instead of building hotels, you’ll construct cottages and castles. Plus, this version of Monopoly has duels! My only gripe upon first look is that the player tokens aren’t more interesting.

You can pre-order the game now for shipment in January 2015.

Product Page ($39.99)


Brickworld Chicago was packed with jaw-dropping LEGO builds. It seems at least a couple of the big displays were assembled by multiple builders. That’s the case with these dioramas depicting scenes from The Princess Bride. They were made by Max Pointer, Daniel Church, Paull Vermeesch, Ben Merrill, Casey McCoy, and Matthew Oh. Looking at all the famous scenes from the film – like the Battle of Wits pictured above – makes me want to watch the movie again immediately.

See more images and an interview with the builders after the break.

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Mandy Patinkin just became one of my favorite people. He was at the Sundance Film Festival for his new film Wish I Was Here, and when an unusual situation arose, he handled it with the utmost class. Will Rubio was working as a driver during the festival and set up a camera on his dashboard. Patinkin was in his car and after about 30 minutes of chatting, Rubio asked if he could interview him. Patinkin graciously agreed and remarked it was a first for him.

Rubio inevitably asked about The Princess Bride. Patinkin said heartwarming things about the film and that he pinches himself every day over being a part of it. He got even more awesome when Rubio mentioned he took on the part of Inigo Montoya in a play. Patinkin said, “Well, let’s do the line together.” Yeah, THAT line. He rules.

Check out the video after the break (the line happens around the 2:15 mark).

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If you can’t get enough of The Princess Bride, you’ll eventually have another way to enjoy it. Disney Theatrical Productions is planning to develop a stage production based on the 1973 novel and 1987 screenplay by William Goldman. I hope every word of that means what I think it means.

They haven’t decided whether it will be a musical yet, but I’d be completely okay with that option. Alan Horn, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios, pushed the deal and though they haven’t announced the creative team yet, I bet they’re cautious with turning over the keys. The story is too beloved for them not to be careful with it. Whoever they bring on board and whatever the format of the play, I’m just glad they’re going this route instead of rebooting the film.

(Playbill via BC)

princess bride card 1

The Princess Bride is one of those stories I never get tired of. I love watching the movie over and over again; I love the designs and characters and memorable quotes. Given that, I’m pretty sure these officially licensed playing cards were meant just for me – and every other fan of the movie. Every card in the pretty deck is inspired by the film. Based on examples such as the card pictured above, they are all going to be gorgeous.

See a couple more images and the project video after the break.

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real life r.o.u.s.

You don’t have to venture into The Princess Bride’s Fire Swamp to face Rodents of Unusual Size (R.O.U.S.), you just have to go to China. This R.O.U.S. measured at just over 3 feet and weighed 11 pounds; that’s about ten times the size of a regular rat. Yowza.

It was seen around a village in the Hunan province of China and scared residents – as it obviously would. They even spied the ratzilla diving into the local pond to grab a six pound fish and eat it hole.

Because they were terrified, the villagers trapped and killed the rat (and broke knives on it). I would rather have seen it preserved for scientific observation and to question it about the Dread Pirate Roberts.

(via Yahoo)