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For the record, Thor’s hammer–aka Mjölnir–was NOT made from a dying neutron star, but was in fact forged inside of one. But with that said, what if you did make your very own Mjölnir out of a dying star? What would happen? Youtuber Vsauce has the answer in his latest video, and trust me, it isn’t good.

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He might be getting up there in years, but here’s photographic proof that Stan Lee is still large and in charge. Lou Ferrigno posted this great picture of Stan the Man stepping between Ferrigno (Hulk) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) to break up what would undoubtedly have been an epic fistfight.

(Lou Ferrigno’s Facebook via Cheezburger)

hiddleston - thor 1

Tom Hiddleston auditioned for the role of Thor. Who knew? Well, maybe several of you, but it’s news to me. The upcoming Thor: The Dark World DVD/Blu-ray is packed with special features including a look at Hiddleston’s audition for the title character. While I wouldn’t want Hiddleston to play anyone other than Loki in the Marvel universe, I have to say the long blonde hair suits him. I’ve possibly watched this gif several times; in fact, I don’t know even know what day it is because I’ve just been staring at Hiddleston’s chest. Someone please send help.

You watch see the full audition clip when the DVD drops on February 25th.

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rainbow bridge 4

You don’t need to befriend a Norse god to walk across the Rainbow Bridge; you only need to travel to Taiwan. It’s like the Bifrost! It may not lead into Asgard, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend. The bridge is an elevated pedestrian walkway located in Magong, Penghu County, Taiwan. The dazzling visual effect is achieved with neon bands. Simple and effective. I can’t wait for a group of Thor cosplayers to travel here for photos.

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thor and loki lego

It’s just a quiet day in the neighborhood until a mech controlled by Loki shows up and starts breaking bricks apart. That’s the beginning of Jordan Tseng’s LEGO stop motion short featuring Thor and Loki locked in battle. He made the piece for a university entrance examination and my guess is that he’s a lock to get accepted. He does a wonderful job keeping the action fluid and dynamic, and he’s even paired quality sound with the images.

Tseng spent three months on the project and used about 5,000 photos to string together for the animation. Even though he’s 17 now, he’s been making stop-motion videos since he was 14. It’s impressive.

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The next Marvel one-shot will be called All Hail The King and it’s included in the Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray which comes out on February 25th. The only other thing we know is that it will run 16 minutes 14 seconds, but we have no confirmation about the subject of this one-shot so it’s open for speculation.

It might have something to do with the scenes we saw at the end of Thor: The Dark World or maybe it’s going to focus on something about Odin alone. Ben Kingsley also did a little filming for Marvel a few months ago, so maybe we’ll be seeing the Mandarin. All are plausible, but we’ll have to wait until Marvel spills the details to know for sure.

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Who knew that Thor’s battle hammer Mjölnir was so versatile? Aside from being able to smash foes into oblivion, the hammer can also charge a cellphone too!

Well, quick correction: I’m not sure if Thor’s hammer can do all that, but this new Thor-themed hammer features a battery hidden inside the head that’s designed to charge almost all of your standard electronic devices.

The hammer features two hidden USB ports that can provide 2.1A of charging power for your phone or iPod. When you swing the hammer it also mimics Mjölnir when it’s in action: LEDs embedded in the head light up and a speaker pumps out a pretty impressive thunder noise that will surely scare anyone away from your cubicle or office.

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Superhero movies aren’t necessarily full of adorableness, but they have their moments. Thor has a few, like the moment when Darcy calls his hammer mew-mew. It’s close enough to Mjölnir to count, right? Etsy seller TwinsGeekShop has taken the nickname and created these amazing Mew-Mew hammers. The fabric hammers look like kitties, and they’re made for playfully beating up your friends or decorating your couch.

If you’re thinking about Mew-Mew Mjölnirs as Christmas gifts, order soon! The seller is based in Russia so shipping to the U.S. takes around 21 days.

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Ever wonder why Loki got off so easy after all the trouble he caused? I mean, they don’t take things like mass murder lightly in any universe, yet Loki gets a cushy prison cell. This comic shows that you’re not the only one who has wondered about his easy sentence, and gives a clue as to why it was so light.

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stans copy

Do you know what bugs Stan Lee about Superman? It’s not that he’s boring, rather he doesn’t really get how Superman flies. Granted, a quick internet search will lead you to all kinds of information on Kryptonian gravity, but it seems that Stan doesn’t visit Wikipedia all that much.

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