The Build-A-Bear Workshop has a new addition to their Pokémon line: Charmander. Like Eevee and Pikachu, there are two versions of this squishable plush.

The regular Charmander, which includes the plush and an exclusive TCG card will retail for $28.00, while the web exclusive set includes Charmander, a Great Ball hoodie, a Lucario hoodie, a Charmander sound chip, and the exclusive Pokémon TCG card.

The web exclusive version is available for purchase online now for $61. The Great Ball hoodie and standard Charmander will be available in stores on December 8th. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Funko has turned their attention to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers once again, unveiling new Pop and Dorbz figures based on the TV show.

The Pops feature the Red, White, and Pink Rangers in new poses, with a metallic variant of the Pink Ranger and Red Ranger (feat. ninja coin deco) for sale exclusively at Hot Topic. Robot assistant Alpha 5 will be a Walmart exclusive.

The Power Rangers’ Dorbz figures will also include special chase metallic variants of the Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger, a Walmart exclusive glow-in-the-dark Pink Ranger, and a Rita Repulsa exclusive for Toys R Us.

The lineup is set to be released in the January-February time frame, but you can pre-order the standard figures right now. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Square Enix has come up with an icy new addition to their DC Comics Play Arts Variant Batman: Rogue’s Gallery series. This Batman / Mr. Freeze mashup follows hybrid figures that include The Joker and Two-Face. The figure features a cold suit with cryo tubes, a Freeze Gun, multiple hands, a Batarang and a figure stand.

The figure should be available for pre-order soon with an MSRP of 19,800¥ (approx. $174.00 USD) and is estimated for an April 2017 arrival. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]


This year marks the 25th-anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Build-A-Bear Workshop is all over it with plushes and accessories.

Sonic is available for order online as part of a limited-edition Sonic the Hedgehog set which includes a 17-inch Sonic, gold ring accessory, and an exclusive poster. In addition to the Sonic, they’re also offering a 13-inch Tails, a special Sonic the Hedgehog tee that’ll fit your other bears, and a sound chip with music from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

The Sonic bear (sans bundle), Tails, tee, and chip will be available in stores starting December 3rd. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


The new 1/6th scale Rogue One Chirrut Îmwe deluxe figure by Hot Toys is absolutely incredible. They’ve perfectly captured the likeness of the blind warrior monk from Jedha played by Hong Kong actor and martial artist Donnie Yen (who is gonna run away with this movie, I can feel it).

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The deluxe version includes Chirrut’s detailed costume, staff and a crossbow (probably the best look we’ve had at them yet), multiple hands, and a diorama figure base with a Stormtrooper helmet and a special package design.

This is a showpiece for any collector. I can’t stop staring at the pictures—which you can see below. [click to continue…]


I have a special place in my heart for the Kotobukiya Bishoujo statues. They’re cute and sexy at the same time, but the big draw for me is the playfulness that’s inherent in the depiction of the characters. As you can see, playfulness abounds in this Marvel Comics Squirrel Girl Bishoujo statue right down to the bow around Tippy-Toe’s neck.

Check out more pictures and the full description below. [click to continue…]


Get the Twin Peaks minifigs that LEGO will never, ever make thanks to Citizen Brick.

The “Double Mountain Murder Mystery Town” set includes figures based on Audrey Horne, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer (wrapped in plastic), the Man from Another Place, and the Log Lady complete with log. How can you not love this? [click to continue…]


If you find jigsaw puzzle assembly process to be too rigid, Nervous System’s Infinite Galaxy puzzle could be right up your alley. Either that, or it will throw you into a fit of rage.

Each side of the 133-piece, birch plywood puzzle boasts an image of the galactic center taken by the Hubble telescope. It can be assembled any way you want—there’s no starting point and no edges. Indeed, there’s no right or wrong method of putting it together.

Topologically, the Infinite Galaxy puzzle maps to a Klein bottle, an impossible 3D shape where the inside and outside are mathematically indistinguishable. What this means is that the puzzle tiles with a flip. Pieces from the right side attach to the left side but only after flipping over. Just like the Klein bottle’s surface has no inside or outside, the puzzle has no up or down side. You can start the puzzle anywhere on any side, making it extra challenging.

If all of this sounds confusing, you can get a visual reference by checking out the video below. [click to continue…]


Black Hole Plush, won’t you come and devour my Celestial Buddies?

If you aren’t familiar with Celestial Buddies, they are adorable plush characters based on planets in our solar system. I know, you already want to collect them all.

Fortunately, you can put them all in the new Black Hole, which is basically a plush bag with eyes that can hold your collection. But the best part is that you can actually retrieve the planets from this black hole, though you may end up in a different universe. Check out a pic of the buddies below. [click to continue…]


Fans of Overwatch‘s terrifying Reaper will definitely get a kick out of this premium 12-inch collectible statue. The limited-run statues are available to pre-order now but will ship in two separate waves: one next March, and the other next September.

The price tag is steep ($150) but the craftsmanship and level of detail might be worth it. Take a closer look in the video below. [click to continue…]