This looks a lot like what that one really mean and crazy kid did in Toy Story. Yamaguchi Katuhisa took an R2-D2 figure and mashed him up with other characters. Now, R2-D2’s rage has been unleashed.

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star wars mural

This crazy cool mural is the work of artist Robert Burden who created it as a tribute to the classic Kenner toys. The images represent both action figures and vehicles from the vintage toy collection (click to enlarge).

It took him 2,000 hours and 18 months to create the 15′ x 8′ mural as an oil painting. There are a few symbolic images that are a nod to the influences that helped create Star Wars (like Yul Brynner in The Magnificent Seven) as well as some newer toys, but it’s mostly old-school.

You’ll be able to see it live at Star Wars Celebration next month and even pick up a 36″ x 24″ print from Burden’s online store. If you’ve got deep pockets and a lot of wall space, then buy the original for $200,000.

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Korean Lego enthusiast Hayarobi built this working Lego turntable for the 2014 Seoul Brick Pop Art Exhibition. It is called “The Planet” and was made of 2,405 bricks. The whole thing is powered by a Lego Power Functions Battery Box and uses an M-Motor. The only non-Lego part is the Audio Technica phono cartridge and there is even a matching tube amp and cases for the speakers.

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This fantastic video recreates the lobby scene from The Matrix using Lego minifig versions of Neo and Trinity. There’s also a fascinating behind-the-scenes video that shows how a six-second segment of the video took an hour and a half to create.

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When Marco den Besten set out to make a Lego castle, he wasn’t messing around. He calls it Armortug and it took 3-4 months to finish. There are multiple towers and walls, hidden chambers, a seaport, and even a marketplace. Also, look closely and you’ll see a familiar little blue box that has found its way into the scene.

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This isn’t your mama’s crafting tool any longer. This is a super MacGyvered 3D doodler created by Industrial design student Vimal Patel.

The idea started from a university project where he was challenged to use biodegradable 3D printing filament (monomateriality) to replace the functionality of multimaterial products. Products like helmets, for example, use multiple materials like foam, plastic, adhesives, and paint which cannot be recycled easily. A helmet made of a single material would go a long way in overcoming this problem. Plus, it would be a lot cheaper to produce.

Experimenting with traditional 3D printers, Patel printed layer upon layer to resolve the hardness issue of the filament, but then the flexibility became compromised. Realizing the answer to both issues would be to “extrude material along a path in multiple axes”, he took the next, uh…logical step and fabricated a handheld printer out of LEGO and attached it to a glue gun. Viola, a handheld printer that layers on all axes.

This is just pure genius. Check out the video below showing the build and the printing in action.

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Lego has already revealed an incredible Lego Simpsons house, and now they’ve added in the Kwik-E-Mart. It’s an incredibly detailed set that will retail for $200. It includes 2,179 pieces and comes with Apu, Chief Wiggum, Homer, Marge, Bart, and Snake.

The building opens up to reveal fully stocked shelves holding the same products seen on the show. There’s even a Squishee machine.

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This is the Hybrid Metal Figuration Scar Predator Figure from Herocross and he’s the most adorable lethal alien in the universe. It looks like they took this little Predator cosplayer and brought him to life.

He measures 5.5″ tall and is made of metallic alloys and plastic. It’s based on Scar from Alien vs. Predator and has 20 points of articulation.

It also comes with a whole bunch of accessories like a maskless version of his head, wrist blades, combi-sticks, plasma caster, shuriken, ceremonial dagger, and 6 different hands to hold it all.

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These miniature Lego arcade games are currently up for voting over on Lego Ideas. The set includes the ’80s Sega classics Space Harrier, Out Run and Thunder Blade. They even come with three minifigs.

The idea was submitted by SpacySmoke and will have you wishing you had an afternoon to spend at a good old-fashioned arcade with a fist full of quarters in your pocket.

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ppzpxrf0np7utxvnjhza copy

Hot Toys has unveiled the newest edition to its Age of Ultron line, and as you can tell from the above pic, the Hulk appears to be very, very angry. In fact, he is so angry that he actually comes with two heads: one that’s mid-shout (above) and one that’s gritting its teeth in pure fury. The figure is also pretty tall, standing at an imposing 17 inches.

There are two versions of the figure: the standard version and the deluxe version, with the latter featuring “two newly developed angry and screaming Hulk head sculpts with rolling eyeballs, a specially painted muscular body and a newly sculpted interchangeable Hulk smash pose upper body.”

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