These aren’t officially licensed Destiny and Star Wars minifigs, but that doesn’t matter much considering the level of quality on display. David Hall makes all sorts of custom Lego minifigs with these just being his most recent creations. They may be expensive, but they also have details you don’t often find on the real deal making them more than worth the price.

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It wasn’t long ago that we got an incredible Female Lego Scientist Set. However, designer Alatariel has already proposed a follow-up called Science Adventures. It features an archaeologist, a wildlife biologist, and a geologist, each with accessories to carry along on their adventures.

The set is currently up for voting so head on over to Lego’s website to cast your vote and make this incredible set a reality.

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Those Nintendo Amiibo figures have been in the news a lot lately. This time, the story centers around a Samus action figure that recently sold for $2,500 on eBay due to the fact that it has two arm cannons instead of one, making it highly collectible. It is still in the original packaging, sealed up as it was the day it was purchased new for a heck of a lot less than the winning bidder just paid. Our guess is that it would have gone for a lot more had the media discovered it before the bidding ended.

Needless to say, keep your eyes open for defective toys when you’re out shopping this holiday.

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It’s amazing to see what can be built with Lego, but watching it all come together in a time-lapse video is simply fascinating. This giant Lego tree was built in Sydney, Australia and measures 32.8 feet tall and weighs over 3.5 tons. The tree will be on display at the Pitt Street Mall until December 26th.

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Lego recently unveiled its Detective’s Office set which included a video that may have held a sneak peek at a rumored S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. GrooveBricks caught it at the very beginning of the video, hidden in the letter “G” and visible for just a second.

Back on September 8th, the Avengers Helicarrier managed to garner the 10,000 votes that Lego Ideas requires before a project can be considered for production, but there’s been no official word thus far. Perhaps this glimpse means it’s already a done deal. Rumors have the set coming out in March at a price of $349.99 which would make it one of the biggest and most expensive sets they’ve ever created.

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The Lego Detective’s Office set, due out in January (for $159.99), has a fantastic level of detail for the set’s intrepid gumshoe. This is the tenth modular building that Lego has released and it comes with six minifigures along with hidden trap doors and secret stash barrels. The city block includes the second-floor detective’s office, a barbershop and a pool hall that will provide for hours of creative play for kids or adults.

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This letter is real, not some photoshopped wish. It was uploaded by redditor Fryd_ after he found it while playing with his niece and nephew. He told BuzzFeed:

I came across the pamphlet whilst playing Lego with my niece & nephew at their Grandma’s house and it struck me as particularly modern message for something written 40 years ago. I thought the toy-makers of today could learn a thing or two!

It’s a beautiful message and rings just as true today as the day that it was tucked inside a brand new box of Lego over 40 years ago.

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Y’know how I’ve been saying that Funko just keep making things that cause me to want to throw my money at the computer? They just did it again.

These Star Trek: The Next Generation POP! Vinyl figures includes the most insanely adorable Locutus of Borg I have ever seen. Riker’s beard, Picard’s bald head, Geordi’s Visor, Deanna’s purple eyeshadow – they’re all so frakkin’ cute that I can’t take it.

They’re estimated to arrive in March of 2015 and you can pre-order now.

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Redditor neala963‘s son has a Star-Lord action figure, but is missing the other characters from Guardians of the Galaxy. He overcame this obstacle by improvising with a random plastic tree and raccoon from who knows which playset he had in his toy box. You’ve got to give the kid credit for his creativity.

Redditors took it a step further suggesting some great additional characters. Check those out after the break…

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x-files funko mulder

Whether aliens are real or not is still up for debate, but the stories are true about Funko’s new Pop! X-Files collection. They’ve managed to capture paranormal happenings in vinyl form. The cute take on the series features figures of Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, The Cigarette Smoking Man, and Alien. The Mulder and Scully toys even have little badges. Adorable.

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