We’ve all cobbled together a Lego building or two of our own creation, but it’s a good bet that they didn’t look anything like these. They’re the work of Daniel “Legonardo Davidsy” Hensel who has made a series of medieval buildings representing everything from a mill to a castle to a blacksmith’s workshop. Each is incredibly detailed with the Lego stacked at odd angles to give it some texture and depth.

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I had no clue that 17×17 Rubik’s cubes even existed, but Kenneth Brandon is a real pro at solving them. He recorded himself solving one of these monstrous cubes, and the full video comes out at nearly 8 hours! If you don’t have that much time to watch a YouTube clip, you can watch a time-lapse version as well. Frankly, I felt a little embarrassed watching Brandon’s video: I can’t even solve a normal Rubik’s cube, and this guy makes solving a 17×17 cube look like a total blue milk run! Maybe I should start practicing more.

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sideshow vader main

If I had the ability to use the Force, I’d like to say I’d use the power for good, but I’m pretty sure I’d use it to Jedi Mind Trick Sideshow Collectibles into sending me their new Darth Vader Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys.

All of their recent Star Wars figures, from Luke to Han & Chewie have been insanely good and this Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope figure is no exception.

This figure includes, “intricately-constructed Darth Vader armor and helmet, specially tailored suit, built-in sound effect function with Darth Vader’s breathing sound, LED-lighted lightsaber and belt, a finely made Interrogator Droid, and a specially designed figure stand.”

All in all, it’s just as badass as Vader himself is and I’m pretty sure Star Wars fans are gonna love it.

The figure is estimated to arrive sometime in September, but it’s available for pre-order now.

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yoshi toy 2

Do you need a jaunty and cute figure for your toy collection? Then you might need this new Yoshi toy from S.H. Figuarts. It has appeal for those who don’t even play Super Mario Bros.! The figure is 4.3 inches tall and comes with: a Yoshi egg, an extended tongue (yeah, that accessory looks a little weird), replaceable hands and arms, and back replacements so Mario and Luigi figures can ride him. That’s a decent amount of extras, and the figure looks very posable.

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This is the Egg Attack Spider-Man figure from Beast Kingdom. He measures 6″ tall and is fully articulated with 5 sets of hands and three plastic web fluid attachments. He’s freaky and cute at the same time with a gigantic head that makes him look like he should topple right over. Based on the character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it is due out in Japan this coming April and is already available for preorder.

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There is so much goodness packed into the Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas Lego Playset that it’s hard to grasp. We first previewed this set earlier this month and didn’t expect to see it until April according to Lego’s release calendar. It’s now set to be available on January 1st, but if you get lucky, you might just find some retailers selling it a bit early. Happy New Year indeed.

The coolest bit is easily Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet which is made of clear bricks along with some translucent bits for the wings and light blue flames coming out of the engine. The set also includes Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, Flash, and Batman in a giant Bat-Mech.

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potted groot 1

The concept of Groot regrowing from a single twig isn’t unique to the Guardians of the Galaxy film. That happened in the comics, and the twig was usually stuck in a pot. Not wanting to miss out on the Groot action, Gentle Giant has released a comic book inspired version of Groot in a pot. It’s not as cute as baby Groot (what can be?!), but it’s still pretty darn great. And as an added bonus, this Groot comes with a set of holiday decorations so you can make him festive for Christmas next year.

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Today in impossibly cool Darth Vader figures, I present the Square-Enix Variant Play Arts Kai Darth Vader.

The stylized figure itself is very cool, but the arcing lightsaber and the force energy flames are what really stand out here.

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jurassic world lego

Just about a month ago, leaked pictures of the Jurassic World LEGO set pieces revealed the existence of a new dinosaur. Well, we now have an official image of a set from the film thanks to Jurassic Bricks, sans the spoilery new dinosaur.

Instead, the image from the LEGO catalog shows what looks like a breakout/attack with a Tyrannosaurus rex and two raptors. You can also spot Owen (Chris Pratt) and Dr. Henry Wu (BD Wong).

(via Topless Robot)

guardians villains funko 1

Funko is releasing their next series of Guardians of the Galaxy figures in Pop! form. They focused on the Guardians with the first collection and the newest figures include Nebula, Yondu, Ronan, Thanos, and The Collector. The entire line is 3.75 inches tall except for Thanos; he stands over the group at 6 inches. As it should be.

The figures will ship in March but are available for pre-order now.

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