hishe frozen

One of the worst aspects about Frozen is the parents’ horrible parenting decisions. Why did they think it would be a good idea to shut Elsa away from the world and make her scared of her own powers? This video from How It Should Have Ended imagines a different universe where Elsa leaves Arendelle to join the X-Men. It’s rather fabulous.

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winter soldier cap

Marvel hides plenty of easter eggs in their films whether it be names referenced in conversations or nods to other characters. For example, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Black Widow wears a tiny arrow necklace – presumably because she’s in a relationship with Hawkeye. That’s just one of many treasures, and YouTube user MrSundayMovies has rounded up several more in a video recap.

It gets a little ridiculous towards the end, but it’s definitely worth watching. And obviously, there are spoilers for the film so don’t watch it if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

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batkid baseball

Batkid is still going strong. Five-year-old Miles got the superhero alter ego thanks to Make-A-Wish. Back in November, he put on the suit and saved San Francisco from villains and warmed our hearts. His leukemia is still in remission, and he’s had the opportunity to don the costume once again.

On Tuesday, he arrived to the San Francisco Giants stadium in a Lamborghini painted with the Bat symbol. There, alongside Batman, he threw the first pitch for the Giants’ home opener. Batkid’s superhero strength hasn’t developed fully yet so the ball bounced a little on the way, but it still made it. Batkid rocks.

Watch the action in the video after the break.

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game of goats

The theme to Game of Thrones is absolutely beautiful and has been given equally beautiful covers in the style of smooth jazz, ska, and more. But now we have goats and it changes everything.

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super mario cat

What happens when Mario leaves his cat home alone? It plays – like, actually plays the game. YouTube user Mr.TVCow put together this amusing video that features a cat going through the familiar Super Mario landscape. The cat runs around collecting coins, beating the tar out of Goombas, and smelling the flowers. It will make you smile.

Mr.TVCow achieved the effect by inserting the game graphics around the cat’s adventures, and I can’t get over how great it turned out. See for yourself in the video after the break.

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monty python video

In case you’ve forgotten, Monty Python is back! Their new live stage show is happening in July, and to celebrate the return, they’ve released a new song and music video. Who else is flailing?

“The Silly Walks Song” is right along the lines of what you’d expect from the group. It’s infectious and catchy. The video features tons of footage from past sketches so it’s like a walk down memory lane. I can’t wait to see what other new material they create for their upcoming show.

Watch the video after the break (slightly NSFW)…

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us it crowd

The IT Crowd is one of those shows that is just the right mix of writing, characters, actors, and quirk. I can’t imagine anything quite matching its tone, but NBC almost launched a U.S. version of the British series in 2007. The remake starred Joel McHale in the place of Roy, and Richard Ayoade reprised his role as Moss.

Per the usual routine for getting a series off the ground, they created a pilot but the funny thing is that it’s almost an exact match of the first episode of the original series. That’s an interesting stylistic choice, especially since there’s a lot to live up to. An enterprising individual decided to show how similar the British and U.S. pilots are by creating a splitscreen comparison. It’s entertaining and a little weird.

Watch a side-by-side comparison to the original IT Crowd and the full U.S. pilot after the break.

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This video takes the Final Fantasy franchise and turns its epic battles into carefully choreographed dance-offs. It was a labor of love for Mike Song who wanted to make it as a tribute of sorts. The moves aren’t random either, but designed to evoke what happens during various spells. You can keep track of the spells starting at the 1:09 minute mark and you’ll see:

1) Item: Linoleum – Magic: Castle / Shell / Protect
2) Scan
3) Shadow
4) Kick (Class: Monk)
5) Counter Attack (Weapon: Mop)
6) Ryanimay’s Ultimate Self-Sacrifice Attack
7) Summon : Mr. RAYMOND
8) Blitzball Attack
9) Magic : Rear-Ended Hypnosis
10) Summon : Bahamut
11) Magic : Haste
12) Red XIII Limit Break
13) Fire 1000

Song says that, if he could, he’d make an entire dance movie. If this video is any indication, with the right budget, it would be incredible.

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Not all that long ago, HBO released a rap album featuring songs inspired by Game of Thrones. Seriously. It was fun, but it had more potential. A group called The Sons of Mim is stepping up to the plate with a parody of that rap album, and it features some rather hilarious Westerosi tunes and you can download them all for free. No, it’s not an April Fool’s Day prank.

The track list includes the following gems:

Red Wedding
Lannista’s Paradise
Arya Gonna Make Them Pay
Even Flowdor
Another Dick on the Wall
Dr****s in Essos
Total Eclipse of House Stark

It’s impossible to choose a favorite because they all make me smile. I mean, just check out these lyrics: “I’m an educated imp with money on my mind / Got a shield in my hand and an axe in my – other hand.”

Listen to Lannista’s Paradise after the break (warning: NSFW language):

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lightsaber battle

We all know and love the lightsaber, the elegant weapon for a more civilized age. It’s hands down the best weapon in all of science fiction, but how was it created? Lucasfilm released a video featuring George Lucas, Mark Hamill, and sound designer Ben Burtt discussing the concept and birth of the laser sword, and it’s absolutely fascinating. I don’t often sit still for featurettes over five minutes, but I couldn’t look away from this one.

Lucas references the influences of Star Wars like swashbuckling films starring Errol Flynn; they showed a more romantic side of fighting and he wanted to create a weapon that matched those ideals. At one point, Jedi were just going to have swords. I’m so glad that change was made!

Learn more about the lightsaber by watching the featurette after the break.

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