Action Panda! [Video]


Pandas seem all cute and slow, but not this guy. He’s dodging lasers like a boss, even rolling behind a table and flipping it to use for cover. No, we have no idea why anyone would shoot lasers at a panda, but it doesn’t really matter. All you need to know is that he eventually took out the shooters with nothing more than a shard of bamboo.

(reddit via Boing Boing)

Doctor Who classic episodes

I’ve been meaning to catch up on classic episodes of Doctor Who, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. However, thanks to YouTuber Omni Verse, I can watch over 700 episodes of classic Who at the same time – from the First Doctor to the Eighth Doctor. The itty bitty squares are pretty much impossible to distinguish from each other, but it’s better than nothing.

Here’s how the episodes break down:

William Hartnell (135), Patrick Troughton (119), Jon Pertwee (128), Tom Baker (178), Peter Davison (71), Colin Baker (31) and Sylvester McCoy (42) episodes, and to round out the era, Peter Cushing (2) and Paul McGann (1)

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tie fighter accident

What if we lived in a galaxy far, far away and seeing TIE fighters flying overhead was a normal occurrence? They’d crash from time to time, and we could come across sights like the fictional one captured in this dash cam video. It was posted by German TV channel Dein Sky Film, and it looks awesome. Of course, if the TIE fighter was piloted by regular stormtroopers that would be your problem right there.

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Surprise parties usually mean confetti and everyone jumping up as you walk in the door. This party involved Nerf guns and a house full of zombies. Sam Ross loves zombies so his wife had all of their friends dress up for his birthday. Then she left the Nerf weapons at the door so he and his buddy could clear out the house and save her. They go room to room and have a blast getting scared half to death by their friends.

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The list of things you can 3D print now includes a working stargate thanks to Cara who has made this stunning example. The center has been Photoshopped but the rest of it is all the real deal. Cara said in her comment on io9:

The entire thing was made on my Printrbot Simple Metal 3D printer with Gray ( and some transparent ) PLA material. It also has a NEMA 17 stepper motor to drive the inner ring, and 5mm NeoPixels to light up the chevrons. The whole thing is driven by an Arduino Uno with an Adafruit motor shield using an Arduino sketch I wrote ( and am still tweaking )

She plans to mimic the center look with some blue paper to complete the effect.

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Black Friday might mean bargains for shoppers, but it’s like walking into the heat of battle for retail employees. Behold the wonder of Scott, a Target employee who gives the single most hilarious and inspirational Black Friday speech in history. This. Is. Target!

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The Muppets are cute and crazy, but now they’ve gone a little scary in this parody that puts them in charge of us. Yes, we’re the ones on strings with Kermit and Gonzo controlling our every move. Also, we’re all dead so up the creepy factor to twelve.

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tiny sword

It’s one thing to watch a blacksmith turn a giant hunk of metal into a sword, but it’s something else entirely to watch a nail being turned into a sword worthy of a mouse. Watch as Inspire to Make creates a wee tiny little sword that might not slay any dragons, but still looks ridiculously cute.

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batman vs darth vader

Imagine a world where Batman and Darth Vader live in the same universe. Vader’s Force powers could go against Batman and his science and logic. They would undoubtedly have an epic battle, and this Batman vs. Darth Vader Super Power Beat Down video from Machinima depicts how it might play out.

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Video game graphics have come a long way since the days of Pong and Space Invaders. Those games may be old and dated now, but they were the foundation for the games we play today. This series of videos will take you from the earliest games with their blocky, unrealistic characters to today’s incredibly realistic games that look so good you’d swear they’re real.

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