mario skate

Mario Skate? Indeed, Luigi’s got himself a longboard and he’s ready to go for the high score in this video by CorridorDigital.

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doctor who maisie

The last Doctor Who trailer already had enough tantalizing glimpses to make me shout “WHY IS IT NOT SEPTEMBER, YET!?” and this new one is even more interesting.

More creatures, more Missy, more mysterious Maisie Williams, Daleks, Zygons—Clara with a bazooka. None of it makes sense right now, but we are looking forward to the journey.

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That’s not realistic CGI. It’s an actual guy who is part of a viking battle stunt show. Alex Yde has been practicing parkour for 12 years and it comes in handy for his work in the show. He’s been with Puy du Fou in France for three years playing different roles and decided to film one day’s adventures from his perspective.

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Everybody talks about the ethics involved in bringing back dinosaurs, but have you ever wondered just how much it would cost to actually build a Jurassic Park? I mean, John Hammond said “We spared no expense” in the first movie, but how much money was he actually talking about?

Fandango Movieclips sought to answer that question in their latest YouTube Video. For the clip, they utilized figures sourced from the operating costs of some of the biggest zoos and parks in the world to provide a theoretical estimate.

The answer? Well, it’s lot. Check out the video after the jump for the breakdown.

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supermanbatmancafe copy

Daniel Baxter of How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) loves to poke fun at the two top dogs of the DC superhero world: Batman and Superman. In the latest HISHE video, Bruce “Do You Want To Know My Secret Identity” Wayne has a verbal tiff with with the cape-wearing Kryptonian about the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It’s on. So, so on.

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batman saber

Back in November, we posted this epic Batman vs. Darth Vader Super Power Beat Down video that imagines what the ultimate showdown between Batman and Darth Vader would look like.

Many of you weren’t happy with the ending.

So, Bat In The Sun has returned with an alternate ending to that first video, which the director calls “the definitive ending”.

Me? I just like the idea of watching Batman and Darth Vader cross paths.

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snape and lily

While I realize that the whole “Snape is a hero” theory is one of those bones of contention in the Harry Potter fandom, this video by YouTuber kcawesome13 will likely give people on both sides of the argument a case of the feels.

The video recuts Snape’s important scenes from the eight Harry Potter films into chronological order to give you a better understanding of the story from his perspective.

It was an interesting watch and, no matter what side you come down on in the fight, there’s no denying that Alan Rickman is utterly incredible.

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Do you remember that bonus stage in Street Fighter II where you could smash up a car for extra points? Thanks to the magic of the Internet, several people have attempted the stage in real life. We’ve posted those attempts after the break.

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They’re actually kind of funny–watching someone jump around like an idiot and try to rip the hood off an old VW tickles me for whatever reason.

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I’m not sure if the guy in this video is a ninja, but the flying kick he launches at this arcade game is extremely impressive. While the martial arts action is cool, you don’t get to see the kick in normal speed, you don’t get to see the guy’s final score, and the quality of the video is abysmal. Bummer, I know. But I’m going to guess and say that he did get a high score… and that he probably broke the machine too.

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princess rap battle
This one came to us courtesy of tipster Ashley Bullock, who knows that we like princesses with a twist.

Previously, Whitney Avalon took on Elsa as Snow White in a princess rap battle and got herself frozen. This time, it’s a trilogy battle as Leia takes on Sara Erikson‘s Galadriel.

In addition to playing Leia, Avalon co-wrote, co-produced and co-directed this video with Steve Gossett.

Personally, I like Leia’s rhymes better, but Galadriel definitely has some skills.

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