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Tired of visiting those boring, run-of-the-mill tourist destinations on Earth? Well, then you should probably check out Galaxy Getaways, It’s Marvel’s new travel agency that takes adventurers deep into space to visit the locales featured in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.

You can visit Xandar, Morag and Knowhere, and the Galaxy Getaways’ site features maps and recommendations regarding what to do and where to eat at each of the destinations (for instance, you can visit Gluborg’s, which was the first restaurant in the whole galaxy to receive five stars!)

However, if you can’t quite afford to fly off world, not to worry, you can just wait until August 1st when Guardians comes out and check out all those locales from the comfort of your favorite movie theater. I don’t know about you, but I’m saving up to go and visit Gluborg’s–I can’t wait to stuff myself silly on interstellar appetizers. Yum!

Watch the Galaxy Getaways promo after the break…

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ridin dirty

YouTuber Lack Of Awesomeness showed some serious commitment when he decided to put together this video of himself ridin’ dirty with a death stare at Disneyland.

Too bad he didn’t get on the Tea Cups. You can’t put on a serious face while riding the tea cups.

Check out the video after the break.

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future batmen

Because certain “what if” questions need to be taken to their logical conclusion, here’s a little animated short by FoxADHD called Future Batmen that answers the question “What if they keep casting Batman with popular leading men?”

You know someone has thought about putting McConaughey in the role after the success of True Detective. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

So, what if they cast him? Or Kevin Spacey? Or Aaron Paul?

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game of thrones keytar theme

When geek composer, programmer and Game Of Thrones fan Greig Stewart (aka Theremin Hero) has a little bit of time on his hands, the result is An 8-bit NES keytar cover of the Game of Thrones opening credits theme.

You also get a MIDI-controlled laser show and a video of the entire thing.

Check it out after the break.

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cantina band auditions

You have to figure that life in the Mos Eisley cantina gets rough pretty regularly, so there have got to be a number of reasons why the band may be looking for a replacement.

Thankfully, the people over at CollegeHumor are pretty big Star Wars fans and filmed this audition video with the cooperation of Disney and Lucasfilm on the Star Wars cantina set.

It’s pretty amazing who showed up. Hit the jump to see the videos.

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The first time we saw Adrian Drake’s 7-foot long LEGO Serenity from Firefly, we wanted to see how it was built.

Now we get our wish. Apparently, Adrian rebuilt his masterpiece and decided to make a time-lapse video of it. He notes: “This was filmed over the course of about 14 months and encompasses 4166 individual images, taken at 60 second intervals, plus detail images from the first build.”

She’s a beautiful thing to behold and the video is very, very shiny.

It is also after the break.

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It’s something special when a guy can use the most mundane of everyday objects to effectively explain something as complex as fluid dynamics. That’s exactly what Destin does in his Smarter Every Day series, and in this video he uses a minivan, a balloon, and his adorable kids in his demonstration.

It seems like a simple question. Which direction will the balloon tethered to the floor of the minivan move when Destin accelerates? You likely have an answer in your head and that answer is likely wrong. Watch as Destin explains the science behind it all in the video after the break…

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We’ve already seen Action Movie Kid pulling off all sorts of amazing feats thanks to his Dad who is a an animator at Dreamworks. Now he’s at it again with this short clip showing the little guy taking off for his flight to school. No minivan required for this kid.

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breaking bad frozen

I don’t care if you’re tired of Frozen mash ups or Breaking Bad mashups. You will watch this video after the break and enjoy it.

Anna is the one who knocks.

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shirtless bigby

I don’t know how someone found this shirtless Bigby bug while playing The Wolf Among Us, but I want to know how to recreate it.

Maybe with Hugh Jackman.

Enjoy the video after the break. I know I did.

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