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gaming hook up top

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lego rain

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lego batman revealed

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wheat of catan

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super bowl nerds

This webcomic by Hejibits seems to have caused a bit of a dust up over at Kotaku. Apparently, it bashes geeks or gamers, or it’s not funny or no one gets that worked up over gaming or whatever.

I find it kind of hilarious. Y’know, cause geeks don’t get worked up over stuff…ever.

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harry potter better at spells

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chief obrien at work

This series of webcomics about Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Miles O’Brien by Jon Adams is both amusingly true and unexpectedly poetic.

It may lead you to wonder, if a transporter beam energizes and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?

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most annoying gamers

As a gamer, let me just say…gamers can be real pains in the ass.

As this Dorkly comic points out, there are lots of different types of gamers. We would all like to think that we’re not one of the annoying ones but, let’s face it, we’ve likely done one or two of the things in this list from time to time.

I also think we need to add the WoW ePeen gamer. You know the one who wants to go on and on about their gear and how good they are and stuff? ::grin:: I think maybe this list is too short.

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xbox comic

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