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Y’know when you see something super sweet and adorable and heart squishy and you want to show everyone? That’s me right now thanks to imgur user duffmanszalotofthings (oh yeah!).

He and his new wife are huge Harry Potter fans, so he created a Pensieve for her wedding gift. Now, he could have just used a bowl with water and done it as a nice gesture of love, but he went all out and created one of the most perfect things I’ve ever seen. He made the wand and the bowl himself and packed the glass vials with notes that recall “a memory of her that makes me smile”. The bottles can be picked up with the wand thanks to the addition of magnets. *Sniff*

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Post updated to credit the Stargate creator/groom:

Ian Milward spent weeks building a Stargate for his wedding and I think it was absolutely worth it. This amazing ring is measures 12-feet in diameter and is unbelievably detailed with constellations and LEDs. And there’s a pretty cool story behind it as well:

“They first met working at the same lumber and hardware store, and connected because of a mutual love of Stargate. About a year into their relationship, they were watching the episode where Jack and Sam get married in front of a gate, and she said that would be pretty awesome, so six years later he remembered that and did it.”

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nerd wedding

I’ve always been a firm believer that the best weddings are the ones where the bride and groom don’t cater to tradition or the wishes of others. In this case, when Fallon and Ethan got married, they decided to make their wedding a celebration of all the geeky things they love.

They put together quite an event. From Harry Potter themed Quibbler programs and table favors, to Star Wars macarons, to a handmade custom bouquet made of book pages and comic book pages by Meredith at The Flower Girl Atlanta – they had all kinds of great, geeky touches.

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wedding tardis

When it comes to geek wedding proposals, this one’s definitely up there in the “doing it right” section. Not only did redditor Muffinman5423 build a TARDIS, but he put the proposal on the TARDIS itself and then gave his fiancé a key to the TARDIS along with the ring.

I’m also going to give him extra points for TARDIS placement.

It’s a very sweet video and you can check it out after the break.

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david bradley red wedding

Page one: “Don’t kill everyone”.

When Gareth Shaw had a chance to take a picture with David Bradley (Walder Frey on Game Of Thrones), he brought along the perfect book for the man who hosted The Red Wedding.

I love the look on Bradley’s face. Well played, Gareth. Well played.

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We see plenty of themed photos for weddings and engagements, but this series of photos styled after the movie Up is in celebration of a couple’s 61st wedding anniversary. The idea came from their granddaughter, Lauren Wells, who arranged the whole thing to make up for the couple having only one photo of their wedding day after being stood up by their photographer.

Wells, an event planner, coordinated everything from flowers to vintage props and arranged for it to be photographed by Cambria Grace Photography. The result is a wonderfully sweet series of pictures that will warm your heart.

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The first visual evidence that Sir Ian McKellan presided over the wedding of Sir Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell.

(via Reddit)

terrarium firefly

Weddings can get expensive – it is known. One way to save money is by getting crafty and turning to DIY projects. Erin and Peter did precisely that and featured some adorable and awesome geeky terrariums as centerpieces for tables at their reception. The glass jars were filled with all sorts of tiny worlds and fandoms from Firefly to Star Wars to Katamari to Super Mario Bros. You only need a few supplies to replicate these and since they’re just decorations and not true terrariums with living environments, there’s less work.

The best part about nerdy terrariums like these? You don’t need to limit them to weddings. You can make these for your kitchen table, your nightstand, or any surface. They also make fantastic gifts.

Photos by Whitney Lee.

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Rex from Toy Story wedding

It’s just not safe to be part of a wedding party any longer. They’ve recently been chased by a dinosaur, by AT-ATs, and now Rex from Toy Story is joining on the fun. He looks way too happy about terrorizing the bride and bridesmaids in this photo. Luckily he’s too cute to be much of a threat.

(Pixel This Photography via Neatorama)