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Following in the tradition of baffling products such as the Pet Rock comes The Archimedean Turd—a mathematically satisfying, $350 gold-plated poop swirl. [click to continue…]

baymax light 1

Baymax doesn’t exactly fit into the armor Hiro makes for him in Big Hero 6. His belly sticks out, and 3D Marketplace 3Denovo saw Baymax’s stomach differently than most of us. They pictured the belly as a light bulb. So, they 3D printed the armored Baymax as a single piece and designed it so that the robot can fold in the middle, leaving room for the light bulb.

It’s a cute idea except for the part where the light bulb protrudes from Baymax’s back. That just makes it really, really weird.

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Forget those silly coloring books with happy pictures of bunnies and flowers and horses. This 24-page coloring book will help them understand Kierkegaard and is full of thought-provoking quotes and pictures of people with horse heads. Um, on second thought, don’t give this one to the kids. That might not be such a good idea.

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Baby skeletor 2

Have you ever looked at Skeletor and wondered what he’d look like as a little blue doll? No, most of us haven’t. Thanks to a new product, though, we all get to see what Skeletor looked like as a baby. This Masters of the Universe doll is 12-inches and has full articulation. He comes seated on a toilet, and he looks scary and bizarre.

It gets weirder: you have to be 18 or older to purchase the product. ComicsAlliance states it’s “loosely based on a bit from Robot Chicken.” That sketch can’t be described with words – it’s so crazy and also not safe for work.

See another shot of Skeletor and the Robot Chicken video after the break.

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When you first look at this Tribble, you might think it’s just a Valentine’s Day gimmick. However, there is a story behind the pink hue. According to Memory Alpha, Hal Sutherland, director of Star Trek: The Animated Series, was indirectly responsible for pink Tribbles showing up in the episode “More Tribbles, More Trouble.” Sutherland was colorblind and saw pink as a light gray. By the time others noticed the episode was full of pink Tribbles, it was too late. It kind of works; I mean, they’re cute and fluffy little creatures, why shouldn’t they be pink?

ThinkGeek honored the gaff with this pink and purring Tribble. As far as the heart headband though? I’ve got nothing.

Product Page ($24.99)

time travel 1

When you go out of your way to visit a non-chain coffee shop, you never know what will happen. Sometimes those places have cozy furniture with drawers, and sometimes those drawers have notes from time travelers. Redditor Unlucky 13 found this at the table he was sitting at, and it’s a great example of humans being creative and awesome. The first person – Dave – left a note about about he was traveling through time and got stuck in 2013. The next person says she’s sending help, and after that – well, there’s a flux capacitor.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Pokemon

If you thought seeing Nicholas Cage’s face on various Pokemon was disturbing, then things are about to get worse. A lot worse. You won’t be seeing Cage’s beady eyes staring back at you from your favorite pocket monsters. Instead, you’ll find yourself staring into the face of Benedict Cumberbatch courtesy of the Pokebatchichooseyou Tumblr.

You might know him from the Sherlock Holmes TV series, you might also know him as the villain in the upcoming Star Trek movie, but for the time-being, you’ll know him as the guy who had his face superimposed to various Pokemon.

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It’s a Rat Trap!

Ultimate Trap

(via 9GAG)

Not surprisingly, Next Media Animation (NMA) takes the cake for the weirdest thing I’ve seen this week – and I look at a lot of bizarre things.

They made a trailer showing what could happen in Episode VII, and I don’t even know what to do with it because there are Star Wars characters, a Minnie Mouse stripper, a scary Yoda, Buzz and Woody, and then the Avengers show up. And so does McDonald’s. Uh… my head hurts.

You have to see it for yourself; watch after the break.

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What else is Twitter for if not to bring you images of Hugh Jackman wearing his Wolverine claws with Psy?

I like Hugh Jackman even more. And if Gangnam Style earns you visits to movie sets like Wolverine – well, I’ve got to work on my dance moves.

(Twitter via Blastr)