wonder woman

There’s no crying in crime-fighting (except from the criminals maybe).

Justice League and A League of Their Own collide in a punny illustration that is just begging for a group cosplay (and this little girl needs to be a part of it).

Head on over to HalloweenCostumes.com to check out portraits of each character.

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I have to say that this Wonder Woman Q-Fig based on her appearance in the solo film might be the best of the series from QMx. Admire it from all angles below. [click to continue…]

NECA is adding Wonder Woman to their life-size foam figure collection. It stands over 6-feet tall with foam rubber and latex construction topped off with synthetic hair. It will be available starting in October for a price that will surely cross the $1000 mark. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it and claim that Gal Gadot is your girlfriend, because she has a husband who has already made things perfectly clear with his awesome shirt… [click to continue…]

The Fearless Girl statue wore a very appropriate Wonder Woman accessory thanks to one Don Phelps. Photo by (Nerd Approved alum) Alan Kistler. [click to continue…]

Square Enix has unveiled a new Wonder Woman Play Arts Kai figure based on her appearance in the smash hit solo film. We loved the BvS version, but the sculpt and details on this figure are a definite upgrade.

It’s not as crazy as many of the other figures in the Play Arts Kai lineup, but it doesn’t need to be. With the possible exception of Hot Toys recent training armor figure, this is the best Wonder Woman figure we’ve seen thus far. It’s available for pre-order now ($149.99) with shipping slated for October 2017. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

Back in 2010, Mattel sold a Hot Wheels collectible of Wonder Woman’s invisible jet as a Comic-Con exclusive. Not surprisingly, it was an extremely popular item. The good news for collectors is that they’re bringing it back as part of a Walmart promotion. Unfortunately, getting one won’t be as simple as buying it right off the shelf. [click to continue…]

General Buttercup

The Princess Bride and Wonder Woman collide in this illustration by Axel Medellin. [click to continue…]

Hot Toys has unveiled their sixth scale Wonder Woman figure decked out in her Themyscira training armor! The face sculpt seems to be a vast improvement over the Hot Toys BvS Wonder Woman figure—not perfect, but definitely an improvement. Regardless, the figure as a whole is stunning. [click to continue…]

Wonder Woman officially hits theaters today, and the reaction to the film has been overwhelmingly positive. It has left many people feeling inspired and empowered—especially women.

Because of that and because the world can always use more wonder women, a group I’m in called the Legion of Women Writers thought we’d do a fundraiser to send 70 girls from Girls Inc of NYC to see Wonder Woman. Our initial goal was $1200, which would cover the costs of holding the screening. We thought that’s where the campaign would end, but something really amazing has happened. In one day, the fundraiser earned 3 times the goal! [click to continue…]

The upcoming Wonder Woman live-action movie will have to go a long way to outdo the origin story from the 2009 animated film. Warner Bros. is looking to take advantage of the upcoming movie and 75th anniversary festivities by reissuing this classic with some shiny new bonus features. [click to continue…]