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This is what happens when the cover of Uncanny X-Men #141 gets a Game Of Thrones twist. When you think about it, you have to be a superhero to survive in Westeros, so it makes sense.

Here’s what creators Comfort Love and Adam Withers had to say about why they did the project:

“So, this was an idea that Adam was shocked – SHOCKED – had not been done yet. When it occurred to him, he scoured the Googles to see whether anybody else had done it, but nothing came up. So here he is, sitting on this goldmine idea. In case anybody isn’t getting the reference, this piece is an homage to the classic John Byrne cover to Uncanny X-Men #141 – the start of the Days of Future Past storyline. With the upcoming movie, you’ll probably be seeing this cover more often. Adam selected Dany, Tyrion, and Jon for the front because they seem to have the strongest “Plot Armor.” Whatever else might appear to happen to them, I suspect we’ll be seeing them through to the end of the story. Though god knows I could be wrong. That Martin SOB loves toying with our emotions.”

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xmen dofp

I’ll admit that I’ve been on the fence about X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but this new trailer has rekindled a spark of hope.

I LOVE the moment between Mystique and Wolverine. It seems like we’re going to get some real interaction between the characters with our dose of insane action and cool special effects.

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x-mansion 1

LEGO has the license to make brick sets of at least some Marvel franchises, but they haven’t focused on X-Men. LEGO Cuusoo user DarthKy, the same builder on the Attack on Wayne Manor project, has shown the X-Men possibilities by building Xavier’s Institute for Higher Learning. The giant X-Mansion is built in a fold-out style, and it would be a pricey and huge set since it’s at least four stories tall. DarthKy wants to include 45 minifigs and memorable locations like the Danger Room and Cerebro.

As always, if the project gets the necessary 10,000 votes it will be reviewed by LEGO. I don’t know that they’d greenlight a project of this size but, at the very least, it might get them to think more about X-Men sets.

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What if superheroes were just hipsters hanging out in the local bar or in the school lounge? Artist Phillip Sevy imagined the X-Men and the members of the Bat Family in such situations. He took great care to give them the right outfits and accessories. Lots of them are wearing berets, Professor X appears to have ear plugs, and there are so many scarves. Be sure to check out all the background details in both images.

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rogue firing

Professor X has been getting rid of the X-Men left and right. The Pete Holmes show is continuing the firing tradition by getting rid of Rogue. He sites reasons such as her Southern accent and her issue with touching people. Just the insurance policy he has to keep because of her skills is apparently not worth any value she brings to the team. It’s sad to see you go, Rogue!

Watch the hilarious firing after the break (slightly NSFW language).

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This hilarious video from Pete Holmes has Professor X firing Nightcrawler from the team. Why? Because he looks perpetually wet, his hands are weird, and he is super stinky when he teleports. Stinky in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine until you watch this video.

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prof x and jubilee

Professor X is over Jubilee and her “fireworks.” She’s just the next in a long line of X-Men layoffs. If Professor X keeps going, he won’t have a team left. Given all of the insults he throws at her, Jubilee would probably be able to file a successful lawsuit for wrongful termination.

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The X-Men first appeared in 1963 and since then have grown to include a lot of different mutants. This infographic created by artist Leigh Wortley to celebrate 50 years of the X-Men will help you keep them all straight. It’s available as either a t-shirt or a print, with or without a list of all their names included as a cheat sheet. How many can you recognize?

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Comedian Pete Holmes came up with a new comedy sketch titled, “Ex-Men” which follows Professor X as he insults and then fires the most worthless members of the team. Wolverine already got the boot, and everyone knew it wouldn’t be long until he got around to Gambit.

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xmen days of future past

Interestingly, 20th Century Fox decided to release a teaser of X-Men: Days Of Future Past amidst all of today’s Captain America hype.

Along with the teaser, they also provided the following informative description:

Watch this exclusive X-Men: Days of Future Past sneak peek & stay tuned for the world premiere of the full trailer on Oct 29: http://bit.ly/xmenyoutube Join director Bryan Singer for a Twitter chat on Oct 28 #AskSinger

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