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What if X-wings were like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? This glowing X-wing fighter could guide the Rogue Squadron through any foggy night. Or, it could just light up a room since it’s a light installation. Behance user Benjamin Rice worked on this gigantic fixture for an event in London that’s all about urban bicycling. To that end, they made the lamp from Old Raleigh Grifter bicycles. It looks like it’s ready to take on the Death Star.

Images by Ollie Harrop.

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star wars track set 1

X-Wings are among the coolest ships in the Star Wars galaxy as far as I’m concerned. They’re not the Millennium Falcon, but they can hold their own. This was evidenced during the Death Star Trench Run in A New Hope. Sure, more than a few X-Wings went down because of TIE fighters, but at the end of the day, the Rebels won. You can re-create the epic battle of Yavin with this racetrack set. It has Luke’s X-Wing and Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced fighter. The ships are slightly wider than the track, so the victor will be the one that catches up first. All you need is a Death Star to explode in the background when the X-Wing wins!

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Why use a boring pipe when you can have one that looks like an X-Wing complete with R2-D2? This one’s sure to have you seeing visions of epic space battles in no time.

(rlyhigh via Obvious Winner)


The Rebellion would have been so much prettier if all the X-Wings had been pink like this one. This model was designed by artist Guillaume Renou for an art exhibit in France that celebrates nature. Not sure how a bright pink X-Wing has anything to do with nature, but it is hanging with some lovely trees.

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Since there’s an AT-AT bed for those with Imperial sympathies, it only makes sense that there’s an X-Wing version for rebel kids. This X-Wing is technically like the canopy of the bed which actually sits beneath the body of the ship. It’s tricked out too, with x-foils that open and close and a cockpit where you can sit and watch DVDs on the nose-mounted screen.

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The original Lego X-Wing Ultimate Collector Series set is long gone, unless you want to spend big bucks on ebay, but this new Lego Red Five X-Wing Starfighter is coming up to take its place and it’s gorgeous! This new set includes 1,558 pieces and measures 20″ long x 18″ wide x 10″ high. This is a lot bigger than the X-Wing UCS which measured 13″ x 8″ and had only 1,304 pieces. It’s set to retail for $200 and will be available directly through Lego this May.

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Once the Death Star kickstarter launched it was only a matter of time before the Rebels plotted something similar. It comes in the form of a kickstarter to build one X-Wing and train one pilot so they can blow up the Death Star. Their goal is to raise $11 million and they’ve even set stretch goals that will allow them to turn their one ship into a squadron and add on a YT-1300 freighter. Of course, this is all just a joke in response to the Death Star kickstarter, but I’m updating my resume and going heavy on my piloting skills, just in case.

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This coffee table is so beautiful that you don’t even have to like Star Wars to appreciate that it’s truly a work of art. The creation was designed by Sean Regan and Aubrey Cohen who hand-crafted the X-Wing from wood and then sandwiched a glass table top through its middle. It’s securely bolted together with three points of support contact so it won’t be knocked over at the first bump. They figure it took them 6 months to build and with a rate of $14/hour the table would run you about $60,500. Your only hope is working out some kind of deal with Jabba, but you know that won’t end well.

(Ubergizmo via Gizmodo)

Yep, it’s official – an X-wing looks cool even when it’s made from paper. Artist Jodi received a commission to sculpt the fighter out of a collection of three Star Wars books. As a book lover, it pains me a little to see pages of a book ripped out and folded, but it couldn’t be for a cooler reason. I’d love to hang something like this up in my Star Wars themed office.

(Blastr via Neatorama)

Do you remember the days of floppy disks? The ones with a whopping 1.44 MB of data? Yeah. I recall turning in school papers saved on floppies and having to label each one in a certain way. Fortunately, there’s a use for these out-dated tools. You can build Star Wars ships with them!

Yes, I like the idea of using old technology to build little models of futuristic space ships, and so does Jetpack5. He’s created tutorials that will walk you through making the Millennium Falcon, the Death Star, and an X-wing. Hopefully, you can still buy floppy disks at your local office supply store.

(@ThinkGeek via Craftzine)