Nintendo has announced plans for a limited-run tour of The Legend of Zelda-themed escape rooms here in the United States.

Nintendo teamed up with SCRAP—a company that specializes in escape rooms—to create this tour. Nintendo noted in a press release that the Zelda escape rooms will work a bit differently than traditional escape rooms. Instead of having participants bust out of a locked room, they’ll work together to “solve a mystery in a huge area, all within a set time limit.” Participants will use found items to figure out puzzles, and they’ll have a chance to hang out with popular characters like the Zora and Kokiri tribes. Check out more info below. [click to continue…]


Are you a fan of keepsake boxes and treasure chests? I am. There’s something about a well-crafted chest/keepsake box (especially when it’s themed or has a surprise inside) that makes me happy. That’s why I love this musical Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time chest from AFKforCosplay.

This handmade chest is made from stained cedar, which is lightweight and rot/bug resistant. It measures 12″ x 10″ x 9″ and the music is light activated. There’s even a version that’s perfect for proposals.

See it in action in the video below.

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Terry Garrett played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for five years, hellbent on beating it. While this would prove to be an admirable goal for anyone, it is especially so for Garrett who is blind and plays the game by sound alone.

We first discussed his quest back in 2011, and now that it’s done, he wanted to thank “all those who have stuck with me through this series even after it seemed like I was giving up.”

Check out the final battle in the video below.

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Just the other day we had this awesome Studio Ghibli/Zelda mashup, and now artist David Pilatowsky has gifted the world with these beautiful Zelda and Pokemon watercolor-style characters.

Between the cuteness factor and the skill of the art itself, they’re definitely worth a look.

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We’ve already seen what Mario, Sonic and Zelda’s Temple Of Time look like in Unreal Engine 4, but now Michael Eurek is back with another Unreal look at The Legend of Zelda. More specifically, Zora’s Domain from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He notes:

Here is a new environment piece I have been working on for the past two months. Continuing with the Zelda: Ocarina of Time theme, I decided to make Zora’s Domain. This is simply fan art and a way to put the past year’s worth of learning into one piece. Ocarina of Time is probably my favorite game, so I find it fun to re-imagine the environments as places that could possibly exist.

Some assets were used from Epic’s demos, and some foliage came from the Tropical Forest asset pack on the Unreal Marketplace.

While part of me likes this glossier version of Zelda, another part of me misses the old-school Nintendo graphics. What do you think?

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To pay homage to his favorite game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Joseph Zawada spent over two years recreating the iconic castle in LEGO bricks. He meticulously built each section of the castle, noting that the round roofs were the most challenging aspect of the build.

The gigantic castle island and surrounding vegetation breaks down into about 40 pieces. It’s massive, looks amazing, and Zawada should be proud of his LEGO Zelda tribute.

Check out a video about the build after the break.

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linkrupees copy

In Callegos-Y’s fantastic short film, Link is in the market for a new shield, but he happens to be lacking in the rupee-monies. So what does he do? He screws over everyone. Broken pots galore.

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A still-life painting would look handsome hanging on the wall of your dining room, but the astute observer will notice that this one contains mushrooms, turtle shells, power flowers, and gold coins. It’s a classical painting Super Mario Bros. style.

Etsy shop owner Lizustration takes some of your favorite fandoms and uses them as inspiration for museum quality still-life portrait prints. Her works of art include arrangements from The Legend of Zelda, Katamari, and Mega Man.

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These adorable and very snugly plush characters are designed to look like the classic 8-bit versions of Link, Mario, and Luigi. They’re sold as a set of three and will be shipping in July.

Product Page ($54.99 via technabob)


Have wonderful dreams of adventure under this queen size Legend of Zelda world map. The multiple cloth panels are made of 100% quilted cotton on top and 100% polyester fleece on the back to ensure the coziest sleep a gamer has ever had.

Etsy shop 8bitHealy also has a ton of other designs including characters from Super Mario, Pokemon, and even Mega Man. Complete your retro gaming bedroom decor with these super fluffy quilts and comforters.

Check out more awesome designs below.

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