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Link and Zelda from the Legend of Zelda series are already animated in the games, but they don’t look like this. Illustrator Cassio Yoshiyaki’s style is similar to what you’d see in a DreamWorks animated film. Her renderings of the characters are beautiful, and these versions of Link and Zelda would look right at home riding dragons next to Hiccup.

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Nintendo has announced some interesting news about Link’s upcoming appearance in Mario Kart 8. As you can see from the above pic, Link is getting a motorcycle (dubbed the “Master Cycle”).

Nintendo also mentioned that there might be some Zelda-themed racetracks in the game too.

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Karl Jobst really shows off his gaming chops by beating three classic Nintendo 64 games simultaneously in just 51 minutes. The games are Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Goldeneye 007, all of which Jobst loves and has spent countless hours playing just for fun. This time, it was all about speed, and even Jobst seems pretty amazed at the end.

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This incredible Legend of Zelda lamp was built by Baron von Brunk. He included Kokiri’s Emerald, Zora’s Sapphire, and Goron’s Ruby using Lego hinge bricks to attach the sides to each other. You’ll see the Triforce symbol on top is smooth in the center because he used the very tricky SNOT (Studs Not On Top) method. He created all of these images himself, using the game as reference to get them all right.

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herooftime copy

The Game of Thrones intro is a work of art. But what would it look like if the story was set in Hyrule? The Pixel Kingdom came up with a video that puts a fun, Zelda spin on the GoT intro.

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You’re going to wish this version of Legend of Zelda was one you could actually play, but sadly it’s just some beautiful eye candy. It was created by animator Michael Eurek to show how good the game could look if it was made in 2014 in HD. The project took him 6 months using Maya, Z-brush and Photoshop and the end result is simple stunning.

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game boy a

Here’s something that’ll make you feel old if you owned one of the first Game Boys. Nintendo’s hand held gaming system just celebrated it’s 25th birthday.

Yep. Crazy, right?

In celebration of the milestone, Vadu Amka took inspiration from the Game Boy’s affectionate “brick” moniker and transformed an old model into a brick wall from the Zelda series complete with a Triforce and a Hylian crest.

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zelda figure 1

Count your rupees because if you’ve been waiting for a perfect Zelda statue to come along, it’s your lucky day. First 4 Figures, creators of this epic Link and Epona piece, have just made the Twilight Princess version of Zelda available for pre-order. She’s part of their “Master Arts” line and stands at 17-inches tall (including the base). The sculpt is elegant and oh so very detailed.

Every piece of her armor and jewelry appears to be carefully reproduced. You can see the pale embroidery pattern on the bottom of her dress, and the fabric looks realistic. I’m amazed by the paint job, and I can only imagine how good it must look in person. The series of collectible statues is limited to just 2,500 pieces.

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Today, Sega will release a free Zelda-themed DLC for Sonic: Lost World on the Wii U eShop with one very interesting twist: Sonic now has the chance to explore a small slice of Link’s beloved Hyrule. IGN has an exclusive preview that you can check out here.

(via Kotaku)


Speedrunner Cosmo Wright set a world speed record of just 19 mins 15 seconds for playing through Ocarina of Time. That record was later broken by skater82297 with a time of 19 minutes flat. Not to be outdone, Cosmo went ahead and set a new world record of just 18 minutes and 56 seconds.

In this “Any Percentage” run the percentage of completion doesn’t matter although there are some speedruns that require 100%. Cosmo says his goal is to do it in 18 minutes 45 seconds, so we’ll have to wait and see if he can beat his own time yet again.

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