Now you can estimate how long you’ll have if a zombie outbreak happens near you. The Zombietown, USA map lets you click on a town and then shows how fast the plague would likely spread from that starting point.

The project is the work of two Cornell physics grad students, Alex Alemi and Matt Bierbaum. They used 2010 US Census data and Gillespie dynamics to create their maps of zombie destruction. Users can adjust the kill-to-bite ratio and zombie speed to see how it affects the outbreak.

They’ve even authored a paper with professors Christopher R. Myers and James P. Sethna where they explain:

After 28 days, it is not the largest metropolitan areas that suffer the greatest risk, but the regions located between large metropolitan areas. For instance, in California it is the region near Bakersfield in the San Joaquin Valley that is at the greatest risk as this area will be overrun by zombies whether they originate in the San Francisco area or the Los Angeles / San Diego area. The area with the greatest one month zombie risk is north eastern Pennsylvania, itself being susceptible to outbreaks originating in any of the large metropolitan areas on the east coast.

Plan where you live accordingly.

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If you ask most people who their favorite character is on The Walking Dead, there’s a good chance their answer will be Daryl Dixon. He is the guy you want around when the apocalypse happens. He’s great with a bow and he has a sweet new post-apocalyptic motorcycle thanks to Classified Moto.

The build started with a 1992 Honda CB750 Nighthawk. Then they added parts from Yamaha, Kenda, and Progressive Suspension along with some stock Honda parts to get the finished product. There are also some custom bits like crossbow mounts that truly make this Daryl’s bike.

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Caution: Zombie On Board


I’m thinking having a zombie on board qualifies you for the carpool lane.

Of course, these are actually zombie decals that you can place on your car windows to scare and confuse your fellow motorists. You can also pick up her friend, Gory Gary, and have him tag along too.

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Surprise parties usually mean confetti and everyone jumping up as you walk in the door. This party involved Nerf guns and a house full of zombies. Sam Ross loves zombies so his wife had all of their friends dress up for his birthday. Then she left the Nerf weapons at the door so he and his buddy could clear out the house and save her. They go room to room and have a blast getting scared half to death by their friends.

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No one is safe from the coming zombie apocalypse, including our favorite Christmas characters. These ornaments give a preview of what’s to come. Santa Claus, an elf, a zombie, and a reindeer have all been splattered with blood and gore in this set of resin ornaments. Each measures 3″ tall except for the 3.4″ reindeer.

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Fort Radness [Comic]

Fort Radness Final

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These are the emergency kits that will save your life when things go really, really wrong. Each one covers a different supernatural threat so you can choose from zombie, vampire, demon, or werewolf. They’re all appropriately stocked with things like crosses, shotguns and silver bullets (non-functional props of course), so you just have to decide which particular monster you want to be ready to face.

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Talk about some intense family drama: TVLine claims to have the character descriptions for AMC’s upcoming spinoff to The Walking Dead. While the latter focuses on a group of strangers coming together to survive the undead apocalypse, this spinoff will instead focus on two close-knit families as they struggle to overcome the zombies hordes. Oh, yeah, and the families are led by a couple of single parents and Andrea. No, no, not that Andrea. A different one.

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The season 4 finale of The Walking Dead left everyone in pretty dire straits, but in this deleted scene we get to see just how ready Rick Grimes is to kick some ass. Actor Andrew Lincoln drops the F-bomb that the scene deserved in this alternate ending that never aired. Now, since this isn’t on AMC there’s a chance that it’s a fake—but we doubt that’s the case given how convincing it is.

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geeky terrarium 1

Adding a little bit of the outdoors to your home is as easy as putting a terrarium on your coffee table. The self-contained ecosystems are small and simple to care for, and you can get cool geeky terrariums from Etsy seller Moss Love Terrariums with no work required except ordering and opening the package. The tiny worlds feature figures like Yoda, Harry Potter, Gandalf, Katniss, and more. These terrariums would make perfect housewarming presents!

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