zombie dentist

By now you’ve probably seen a million wisdom tooth videos featuring someone hallucinating about some crazy nonsense. But, I’ll tell you hwhat, the drama that (supposedly) unfolds when some jerky jerk brothers convince their poor little sister that the zombie apocalypse is nigh is better than anything I’ve seen on The Walking Dead or that dumb spinoff lately.

Watch it below.

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A cop in Washington State recently busted a guy who was trying to use the HOV lane with a zombie baby riding shotgun. While slapping the driver with a $136 ticket, the cop also snapped a pic of the weirdness which was later uploaded to the Washington State Police twitter account.

According to the Washington State DOT, “Drivers can use HOV lanes whenever there are two or more people (including the driver) in the vehicle. The definition of ‘people’ is not limited by age or licensing status.”

…But it is limited by that person’s undead status apparently.

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zombie containment unit 2

We’ve seen Halloween props like this before, but the Zombie Containment Unit from Hi-Rez Designs is undeniably badass.

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cats vs zombies

Who needs The Walking Dead or Fear The Walking Dead or Be Mildly Creeped Out By The Walking Dead when you have highly trained cats taking on zombies?

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zombie flamingos

Turns out that the zombie apocalypse we all feared didn’t start with humans. The flamingos have turned!

If you live in Florida or have a weird, tacky neighbor you had better get your bug out bag and start running.

Product Page ($19.99)


Zombies everywhere? Seems like a good time to play the piano.

The latest video from Player Piano is actually the first video they ever produced. It took this long to get the rights cleared. Fortunately, they managed to get the green light in time for the debut of Fear The Walking Dead.

The video is a wonderful tribute to The Walking Dead series and features the brilliant pianist Sonya Belousova and guest zombie violinist Eriko Tsuji. The video was produced and directed by Tom Grey.

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At the end of last season we saw Rick Grimes take control of Alexandria Safe Zone. He wants to teach the town how to survive, but as the The Walking Dead season 6 trailer shows, he might be the town’s biggest problem.

Carl and everyone else should really stay in the effing house! Check out the gritty trailer after the break.

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It’s a major award!

Actually, its a Man Crate. What’s a Man Crate you ask? Its a gift box filled with stuff for dudes—and you have to open the box with a crowbar. Fortunately, I have a beard so I was able to handle it.

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Now you can estimate how long you’ll have if a zombie outbreak happens near you. The Zombietown, USA map lets you click on a town and then shows how fast the plague would likely spread from that starting point.

The project is the work of two Cornell physics grad students, Alex Alemi and Matt Bierbaum. They used 2010 US Census data and Gillespie dynamics to create their maps of zombie destruction. Users can adjust the kill-to-bite ratio and zombie speed to see how it affects the outbreak.

They’ve even authored a paper with professors Christopher R. Myers and James P. Sethna where they explain:

After 28 days, it is not the largest metropolitan areas that suffer the greatest risk, but the regions located between large metropolitan areas. For instance, in California it is the region near Bakersfield in the San Joaquin Valley that is at the greatest risk as this area will be overrun by zombies whether they originate in the San Francisco area or the Los Angeles / San Diego area. The area with the greatest one month zombie risk is north eastern Pennsylvania, itself being susceptible to outbreaks originating in any of the large metropolitan areas on the east coast.

Plan where you live accordingly.

(Boing Boing via io9)


If you ask most people who their favorite character is on The Walking Dead, there’s a good chance their answer will be Daryl Dixon. He is the guy you want around when the apocalypse happens. He’s great with a bow and he has a sweet new post-apocalyptic motorcycle thanks to Classified Moto.

The build started with a 1992 Honda CB750 Nighthawk. Then they added parts from Yamaha, Kenda, and Progressive Suspension along with some stock Honda parts to get the finished product. There are also some custom bits like crossbow mounts that truly make this Daryl’s bike.

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