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10 Bizarre Halloween Candies You Can Actually Play With

Halloween is as much about candy as it is about costumes. At the end of the night you toss out the Good n’ Plenty and the apples stuffed with razor blades and gorge yourself on the best of your sugary bounty (haha…diabetes). Too bad no one in my neighborhood was giving away one of the ten candies pictured after the break. These crazy treats are as much fun to play with as they are to eat.


Gummy Lighting Pumpkins: Pick up a gummy pumpkin with the special tongs and it will glow. Product Page ($20)


Nose Hose Candy: Fill up a wearable, plastic nose with green goo and take a shot of sugary snot. Product Page ($2.49 via Link)


Iron Man Kliks Candy Machine: Mark 1 and Mark III costumes shoot out Smarties. Product Page ($2)


M&M Etch-a-Sketch: Candy encased in a working M&M-themed Etch-a-Sketch. Product Page ($7)


Rock, Paper, Scissors Candy: Each plastic hand has two buttons on it that can be pressed to create the rock and the scissors positions (paper is default). It’s just like the real game…only harder. Product Page ($2.49)


Pop-a-Shot Candy Shooter: Pull back the plunger and then push the release button to launch a piece of candy into the air. Hopefully, it will return to Earth safely in your mouth. Product Page ($6 via Link)


Grillz Candy: If you can’t afford platinum, try sour apple, peach, watermelon and strawberry. Product Page ($3)


Sweet Soakers: Shoot candy treats into your mouth. Doubles as a squirt gun. Product Page ($20 for 12ct)


Halloween Projector Pops: Each lolipop case can project an image on a wall up to 10 feet away. Product Page ($48 for 12ct)


Sweet Spin Yo-Yo: Each working yo-yo is filled with two rolls of sour bubble gum. Product Page ($2)

Image via Pumpkin Wayne


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