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10 Gadgets To Help Parents Raise a Nerd [Featured]

Back in the day, being a nerd was something perceived as shameful. Thanks to the Internet and the popularity of technology like the smartphone, nerd culture has become mainstream. Of course, only the true nerds will rise up and fulfill our destiny as the rightful rulers of the planet. With products like these, you can make sure your child is one of us.

Star Trek feeding system
Open up the bay doors, here comes the Enterprise! Feeding … engaged. This product will get baby started on the path to geekdom early with an LED-equipped Enterprise spoon and a motion sensitive light-up bulb. Of course, he will forever associate Star Trek with sustenance — and that might not be a good thing. $24.99 — Think Geek via That’s Nerdalicious

HTML For Babies
It’s never too early to teach your children about the importance of good web design. Forget about Spanish or French — if your nerdy baby is going to learn a second language, make it something he will really use later in life, like code. This book teaches baby the basics of HTML in an adorable yet educational way. There’s also the My Little Geek ABC Book which serves as a great introduction to the larger world of geek culture. $9.99 — Think Geek via Nerd Approved

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0
As far as I’m concerned, playing with LEGO is a crucial part of growing up geek. It stimulates creativity, improves math skills and helps to build dexterity in the hands. We’re all familiar with the basic LEGO bricks, but eventually your child may be ready to step up to something a bit more technical — such as LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0. Kids ages 10 and up can begin using this kit to construct actual working robots with its 32-bit microprocessor, interactive servo motors and programmable software. The only downside is that your child could become the one who eventually builds a sentient robot that rebels and starts a war between man and machine.  $269.99 — Amazon

Ride-In Dalek
Every sci-fi fan needs to see the Doctor at least once a week to maintain good overall nerd health. And by “Doctor” I mean “Doctor Who”. What kid could resist awesome time-traveling police boxes, Sonic Screwdrivers and terrifying mutant cyborgs? Speaking of cyborgs, your kids will love these ride-in Dalek robots with features such as 360 degrees of steering, lights and 10 Dalek sounds. Plus, with Halloween still fresh on the brain, I can tell you that kids look adorable in a Doctor Who costume. $289.92 — RobotShop via Nerd Approved

Portal 2 plush Turret
Even before your child can experience the joy that is the Portal series, your little test subject can enjoy this plush toy based on the Aperture Science Sentry Turrets in Portal 2.  It includes a bright, glowing red eye and the ability to speak a number of different phrases, including “Target acquired”, “Hey, hey, hey” and the always refreshing, “I don’t hate you.” Coming in mid-December. $29.99 —Think Geek via Nerd Approved

Foam D&D dice
I spent many an evening playing Dungeons & Dragons as a child, and I can tell you that there aren’t many games out there that do a better job of stimulating the imagination. These foam D&D dice are squishy and soft for baby and they serve as a great stress reliever for parents dealing with a meltdown. Help your kid roll a natural 20 … in the game of life. $19.99 — Think Geek via Nerd Approved

Night Vision Monocular
The stereotype is that nerds rarely venture outdoors or engage in any physical activity. True, there are many nerds out there that sweat when they eat and get winded going to the bathroom, but that doesn’t have to be the case. I spent a lot of time running around the yard and in the woods as a child because my friends and I were really into war games and spy gadgets. I only wish I could have gotten my little hands on one of these fancy night vision monoculars. It uses two sets of LED clusters (the same kind found in home security cameras) to illuminate a subject up to 50 feet away without detection. In the daytime, the monocular can be switched into spy scope mode. $69.95 —Hammacher Schlemmer

Walking Dead lunchbox
Nerdy lunchboxes are a great way to spark conversations among like-minded kids in school. In other words, they help your child find some nerdy friends. Zombies are hot right now, and your kid will have the coolest lunchbox in the cafeteria with this version based on The Walking Dead comic book series (even if they’re too young to read the comics or watch the show). Plus, you can keep picky eaters interested by telling them you’ve packed brains in their lunch. $11.99 — TFAW via That’s Nerdalicious

Gaming controller teething toy
Keep baby from chewing up your actual game controllers by giving them something they can really sink their teeth into — this wooden teething toy based on the retro Nintendo controller. It’s chemical and toxin-free and finished with a baby-safe, unscented beeswax polish. $12 — Etsy viaNerd Approved

AT-AT stroller
When you want to support your child’s natural nerdy tendencies, there’s no shortage of Star Wars merchandise to help you do it. Seriously, I think you could furnish an entire home and stock the fridge from top to bottom with officially licensed products. But who am I kidding? if George Lucas decided to open a Star Wars version of IKEA I would definitely shop there. That having been said, it’s nice to see parents go the extra mile to create something unique — like this custom AT-AT Imperial stroller. Reddit via Nerd Approved

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