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3D Printable Tardigrade Can Only Be Tamed By Battle Barbie


Y’know, when I was a young kid I loved playing with my sister’s Barbies (I’m comfortable enough with who I am to admit that). But I always felt something was missing, and that something was a scaled-up fully articulated tardigrade for Barbie and her friends to ride upon.

Fortunately, 3D print enthusiast Jim “Zheng3” Rodda has filled the glaring hole left by Mattel and its subsidiaries by providing the files for such a beast, allowing people like me to 3D-print their own behemoth for the inexplicably skinny doll to ride upon.


It’s been released as part of Rodda’s “Faire Play III” set, a selection of items designed to give your Barbies a bit more fantasy oomph. The set also includes a tasteful floral shield, helmet and axe, as well as a yoga mat and a three-headed flail. The tardigrade, meanwhile, is printed in 61 individual pieces and is “roughly the size of a domestic cat when printed at 100% scale.” Blimey.


The entire “Faire Play III” set is available on Rodda’s website under a “pay what you want” pricing model, with a $1 minimum. Not too shabby, that.



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