3D Print Your Head Onto A Lego Minifig Body

3d lego heads

A company on Etsy called Funky 3D Faces can make a tiny 3d printed head in your likeness that you can pop onto any Lego minifig. What a time to be alive.

We convert 2 photographs into 3D – then using sophisticated full-colour 3D printers, we create eerily life-like 15mm high heads.

3D printed in a sandstone material, with a 5mm diameter hole in the neck, which fits on to any Lego minifigure.

You can take things even further by cosplaying as your minfig for Halloween. You’ve gotta commit to it though—right down to creating a distorted mask of your own face.

Product Page ($30.19)

(via Nerdist)


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