A Completely Posable LEGO Batman Action Figure

I’m a fan of Lego minifigs. They’re cute, and I often wish I could buy them separately rather than buying entire sets just to get them. You know what I’d rather have more than minifigs though? Fully posable action figures!

Mmccooey has built a Batman figure from Lego bricks that fits that description. He’s got the figure up on Cuusoo, and as he points out, Batman’s segmented armor is ideal for Lego. The features include 38 points of articulation, a multi-layer cape, a utility belt, a backpack, folded batarangs, and more. It basically includes most things you’d want with a Batman figure. If you’d like to see this get closer to possible production, be sure to vote at Cuusoo!

See more pics of the cool design after the break.

(Lego Cuusoo via Gizmodo)


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