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A First Look At The Upcoming LEGO Simpsons Episode

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May the 4th may be Star Wars Day, but this year, it’s also LEGO day on The Simpsons.

The show’s 550th episode is called “Brick Like Me” and is written by co-executive producer Brian Kelley and overseen by executive producer Matt Selman. They sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the episode and have released a couple of images to show what fans can expect.

Discussions ranged from The LEGO Movie to whether the Blockoland episode is still canon and, all in all, it’s a pretty good read.

Head after the break for a great picture of Homer and some interesting excerpts from the interview.

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How did the idea of a Lego-themed episode come about? You’ve had this in development for awhile. Did you know at the time that Lego was doing a movie too?

BRIAN KELLEY: We’re always looking for cool, visual things to do with the show that will surprise people. So Matt and I were trying to kick around ideas for a show and Matt suggested a Lego CGI episode.

MATT SELMAN: We didn’t know about the movie at that point. For the record, we still don’t know about the movie. [Laughs] Brian and I had been dreaming of doing a Simpsons Lego episode for as long as we could remember, and in early 2012 we started seriously talking about making it happen. Then we found out that Lego was into doing a Simpsons couch gag. So it was a magical coming-together of pretend yellow people.

Let’s talk about the plot. So Homer wakes up in a land of Lego and has to find his way back somehow?

SELMAN: We thought it was cool to start off in the world of Lego and have all the characters think that this was their normal life. Then through a series of bizarre flashbacks, Homer starts to suspect that the Lego world isn’t where he belongs. So he starts tearing away at the fabric of what he thinks is reality, which is never a great idea. At the end of the day, he has to choose between the world of plastic and the world of meat. … And there’s the best Advent Calendar joke I’ve ever seen in a half-hour show.

KELLEY: We worked really hard to put as many of our regular characters in there as we could and have them appear as Lego figures, mainly because it was just really fun for us.

SELMAN: If you doubt our commitment to the complete Lego-ification of Springfield, we even wrote Lego versions of the ratings on the Love Tester in Moe’s bar.

What are the stakes in this episode?

KELLEY: As dads, Matt and I have probably spent thousands of dollars on Legos in our lives — let’s say hundreds of dollars. And we face the terrible knowledge that one day our children might outgrow them, and part of the story of this episode comes from that place.

SELMAN: It could be argued that the plot of The Lego Movie is about a kid that wants to play with dad’s toys. So it could be argued that we are in fact a sequel to The Lego Movie, in that, what happens when the kid doesn’t want to play with dad’s toys any more but the dad was liking it? So I would say this is the official Warner Bros.-approved sequel to The Lego Movie. I’m pretty sure. [Laughter]

You can read the entire Q & A at Entertainment Weekly.

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