A LEGO Particle Accelerator That Actually Works [Video]


This Lego particle accelerator was built by Jason of JK Brickworks and it accelerates a particle that looks a lot like an orange Lego soccer ball to a speed of 12.5 KPH. Sure, that’s not quite what the fancy scientists are pulling off with their particle accelerators but it’s no small feat. According to Jason, he used a little math to figure out the ball’s speed:

The ring has a circumference of around 264 studs and at maximum speed the ball travels around it approximately once every 0.6 seconds. That works out to about 440 studs per second, which is the equivalent of just over 12.5 km/hr.

The mechanism that accelerates the ball is actually a pair of Lego wheels powered by a Power Functions M motor. The affect is great and the little video with minifig scientists is wonderful.

See the video and a close-up of the acceleration mechanism after the break.


(via Gizmodo)


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