Amazing Mechanized LEGO Joker’s Funhouse [Video]

joker funhouse 1

The Joker usually manages to set up his headquarters in creepy places. Talented LEGO builder Paul Hetherington, aka Brickbaron, imagined a Gotham Park full of Joker’s tricks and constructed it from over 30,000 LEGO pieces. The even more amazing part is that it’s mechanized. It’s packed full of traps for Batman and Robin, and the number of details are astounding. I’m blown away by everything about this build, including the fact that it only took him two months of working around his day job to design and construct this masterpiece. Wow.

Check out more photos and a video of the mechanics in action after the break.

joker funhouse 2

joker funhouse 3

joker funhouse 4

joker funhouse 5

joker funhouse 6

joker funhouse 7

(via CNET)


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