An Amazing Replica of the Ghostbusters Headquarters In LEGO

Ghostbusters lego 1

Who you gonna call when you need a super detailed Lego replica? Alexander Jones. The talented builder spent two months creating an impressive brick version of the Ghostbusters headquarters. The exterior looks awesome enough, but it’s all the little touches on the interior that put this custom build over the edge. Jones said he spent hours going through the Ghostbusters video game to get it just right. The building includes Venkman’s office, the kitchen, Spengler’s Lab and more!

See more pics showing off the details after the break. Click to enlarge!

Ghostbusters lego 2

Ghostbusters lego 3

Ghostbusters lego 4

Ghostbusters lego 5

Ghostbusters lego 6

Ghostbusters lego 7

Ghostbusters lego 8

Check out even more photos at the link below.

(Alexander Jones via CA)


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