Banksy Street Art Goes Bricksy With LEGO Recreations

bansky travolta

Street artist Bansky has left his mark upon culture. His work is memorable, and photographer Jeff Friesen admires it and decided to honor the work of Bansky by replicating his art in LEGO form. Bricksy mimics the paintings by the artist, but the nature of LEGO minifigs and bricks adds a humorous touch. Friesen told BuzzFeed that the unlikely pairing is part of the appeal. I’d have to agree with him because the scenes look oddly perfect in brick form.

See more from the Bricksy series after the break.


AOTS/Creative Commons.

bansky travolta


AOTS/Creative Commons

bansky balloon


AOTS/Creative Commons

banksy skeleton


AOTS/Creative Commons

banksy policemen

See the full Bricksy gallery at Friesen’s site.

(via BuzzFeed)


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