Check Out This Incredibly Badass Custom Bumblebee Figure


Bumblebee is a lot of things, but one thing he’s not is in charge. He follows along with the pack, but this 3D custom printed version of him looks ready to kick ass and take names. Enjaysee Customs says:

So, what would happen if Bumblebee had no choice but to take the Matrix and step up. Upgraded and seriously pissed off is my vision of exactly that!

Base used was a leader class DotM Sentinel Prime. The back pack was removed and hinges added to allow the figure to look much better from the side as well as stand more easily. It was next partly dismantled, primed with top quality plastic primer and prominent screw holes filled. The hands are by UFO and fully articulated at every joint. The head was designed by myself, 3D printed via shapeways and mounted using a Lego ball joint to allow more freedom of movement. The large guns are from a RotF Prime figure, the small guns and sword are by Dr Wu and the medium turrets are by the excellent FakeBuster on Shapeways.

The whole figure was painted by hand and decals designed by myself and printed on a professional Alps printer.

And lest you think this is the only form he takes in this custom-painted vision, you’ll soon see that he transforms into an equally fantastic vehicle. You really have to take a look at the close-ups to appreciate just how much work went into creating this Bumblebee.

See more pictures after the break.





(via Kotaku)


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