Creative LEGO Sketch Portraits Of R2-D2, Batman, And More

lego portrait r2

Miniature marker sketches are a great and affordable way to support an artist and get a neat piece of work for your collection. Several illustrators offer these at conventions and on sites like Etsy and LEGO builder Chris McVeigh was inspired to make his own version of the tiny sketches (12″ x 16″) with LEGO bricks – and just look at the results!

He posted one just to see what feedback would be like, and it was overwhelmingly positive. He’s dubbed the designs Brick Sketches and has challenged himself to do more. The line-up so far includes Batman, R2-D2, Jake from Adventure Time, and a Stormtrooper among others. My favorite part of the brick art is the LEGO markers besides the portraits that makes it look they were just drawn.

See more cool sketches after the break.

lego portrait batman

lego portrait jake

lego portrait stormtrooper

lego portrait tmnt

lego portrait transformer

(via My Modern Met)


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