Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell in Lego

When most of us think of Legos, we think of happy times building castles and bridges and things straight out of our imaginations. Mihai Mihu isn’t like the rest of us. He thinks of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy and his description of the 9 Circles of Hell. And then he builds it with Legos. It’s a bit disturbing, but also fascinating to see such dark images created with things that are normally associated with childhood fun.

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According to Mihu, he was inspired to create these scenes after a contest on MOCPages challenged him to create a scene in only two colors. The lifeless look of the bricks gave him the idea for Limbo which he eventually expanded into all 9 Circles of Hell. Each scene took 2-3 weeks to create with the whole project coming in at about 7 months of work.

(Brothers Brick via MOCPages)


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