This DC Super Hero Girls Katana Figure Is Slashtastic


Meet the new DC Super Hero Girls Katana SDCC exclusive figure. Accessories include sai, shuriken, a sheathed tanto and a naginata and a gorgeous display box. She’ll also have interchangeable hands to manage all those weapons.

So awesome.

The figure will be $40 at the show. You can start ordering June 17th on MattyCollector, but you’ll need to pick up at the con. I may need you to pick one up for me.

Check out more pics below.

katana sdcc

katana sdcc 2

katana sdcc 3

katana sdcc 3a

katana sdcc 4

katana sdcc 5

katana sdcc 6

katana sdcc 7

katana sdcc 8

katana sdcc 9

katana sdcc 1

(via Comics Alliance)


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