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Learn How To Build A Life-Size, Functional BB-8 Droid For $120


17-year-old engineering prodigy Angelo Casimiro decided he wanted a BB-8 droid of his own, but the $140 Sphero version just wasn’t good enough. Instead, he invested $120 and made his own full-scale, functional example using an iPhone, a paper mache-soaked beach ball, and a domed styrofoam head fixed in place with a set of speaker magnets.

For the brains of the operation, Casimiro used an Arduino Uno microcontroller board which, in conjunction with other boards, controls a set of wheels inside the body to move the droid around.

The final product looks amazing. Check out the instructional video below to learn more about how to build one yourself.

To assist aspiring droid builders, Casimiro also provided a complete DIY tutorial on Instructables.

(via The Verge)


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