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This DIY Automated Nerf Turret Will Seek, Locate And Annihilate


You can tell how many startups a person has worked for by the size of their Nerf collection, and you can tell how seriously they take their Nerf by how many custom modifications they’ve made.

Well, RobotGeek have us all beat – they’ve made this automated Nerf sentry gun that can be programmed to fire when a specific color is detected. What’s more they’ve posted full instructions so you can build it yourself.

Unfortunately, the project won’t be cheap. You’ll need a Pixy CMUcam ($85), a foam dart gun kit ($40), and Robot Geek’s own Desktop RoboTurret ($100).

The major drawback is that it only holds the one Nerf dart, so you’ll have to reload manually after each shot. So make sure your target is the only one in the office wearing your pre-programmed color.

Here’s a video of the completed turret in action:

(via Toyland)


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