Doctor Who Adipose Science Putties Make Little Fat Puddles

adipose science putty

ThinkGeek loves to make things that are cute, fun, and distraction worthy. I think these Doctor Who Adipose Science Putties count.

You get three “fat” putties that will melt into a putty puddle over time when you take them out of their packaging, and you can mold them into whatever you like and then just pop them back into their Adipose molds when you’re done.

They even include little plastic eyes and smiles that you can plug into the putty.

My first thought was “I wonder if I could copy comic book pages, reform them and have comic book Adipose?”

Can someone please do that and send me pictures, please?

Check out the “melted” version after the break.

adipose science putty melted

Product Page ($24.99)


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