Don’t Mess With This 4-Foot Tall LEGO Evangelion

Lego evagelion 1

Dedication is spending time and money to work on the same Lego project over three years. The talented Moko constructed an almost 4 foot tall model of a Neon Genesis Evangelion mecha that moves and everything – despite it’s 20 pounds of weight. Yeah, it’s insane.

The part that really gets me – besides the fact the mech is fully articulated – is how it doesn’t really look like it’s made from Lego. It just looks like an awesome plastic toy; I didn’t know you could do that.

Check out more images after the break.

Lego evangelion 1

Lego evangelion 3

Lego evangelion 2

Lego evangelion 4

(Flickr via TR)


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