Finally, Battle-Ready Foam Lightsabers That Actually Light Up [Video]

foam lightsaber

Lightsaber battles are cool. We all know this. But as someone who’s engaged in them with everything from the cheapy plastic telescoping sabers to the Hasbro FX sabers, there are two things I always worry about—hurting someone or breaking the saber.

Calimacil, a company in Canada, appears to have the solution to these problems. The company already makes high-quality foam LARP weapons and now they’ve launched a Kickstarter to make a highly durable foam “LEDsaber”.

Basically, glowing, foam lightsabers that you can actually battle with.

All of the mechanical bits are in the lightsaber handle, including motion sensors and sound effects. More expensive versions even feature smartphone connectivity and color-changing blades. The models range in price from $172US to about $383 for a single blade with shipping slated for May of 2016.

Watch the demo after the break.

Head on over to the LEDsaber Kickstarter for more info.

(via Gizmodo)


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