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Game Developer Barbie Is Real, And She Knows Her Sh*t


Remember back in 2014 when Mattel screwed the pooch with “Computer Engineer Barbie”, a doll that came with a book in which Barbie had one of her guy friends do the actual programming while she was busy screwing up her sister’s computer with a virus? Well, Mattel paid attention to all of the negative feedback, because they’ve released “Game Developer Barbie” who a) dresses like an adult human in the 21st century, and b) can actually frakking code.

Casey Fiesler at Slate took a closer look at the laptop that comes with Game Developer Barbie and discovered that it’s actually the real deal:

With some help from my colleagues as well as the Twitter hive mind, we were able to just barely make out the code on Barbie’s laptop. The interface appears to be Alice, an educational programming environment, and the code it’s outputting is ActionScript (or maybe Haxe). Basically, she seems to be making a Bejeweled clone in Flash. And whatever you think about that choice, it’s a huge step up from Computer Engineer Barbie’s laptop showing nothing but ones and zeros.

That’s massively awesome. Just as awesome is the fact that none of the accessories that come with the doll are pink – her laptop, tablet, headset and glasses are all pretty gender-neutral, which is fantastic. I’m all aboard killing the notion that girls will only play (or make!) games on pink hardware.

Game Developer Barbie is available to purchase now from all good toy stores as well as, I am sure, a handful of less reputable ones.

(via Legion of Leia)


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