Bandai Announces A Life-Size Godzilla Figure, Sort Of


Six foot, four inches. That’s the height of the Godzilla figure (including the base) that has been unveiled by Design Coco. The figure is based upon Godzilla’s appearance in the 1991 movie Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, and stands at the height of the Godzilla costume used for the movie. So yeah—life-size. Technically.

It ain’t cheap though, and it won’t be plentiful – only ten of these bad boys will be available, with each selling for 4,482,000 yen (approximately $43,000 US at time of writing). Blimey.

Bandai will begin accepting applications to purchase one of these behemoths on November 7th via their Premium Bandai website, with the figure due to ship in July 2017. If you’ll be in Tokyo’s Akihabara neighborhood between October 28th-30th you can scope this ‘zilla out for yourself at the Tamashi Nation 2016 figure and model show, or you can get a look at a prototype version at the Shinjuku Marui Annex shopping center between November 1st-14th.

(via RocketNews 24)


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