Incredibly Massive Battle of Helm’s Deep Built From LEGO Bricks

Lego helm's deep 7

Lord of the Rings is full of large scale battles, and that makes perfect fodder for people who like to build Lego dioramas. The Battle of Helm’s Deep is a popular one to attack and even though we’ve seen it re-created in video, we haven’t seen it like this. Builder GOEL KIM has constructed the battle in his garage, and it’s massive. It already has 1,700 minifigs and it’s only 90% done. That’s a whole lot of orcs and elves, and I like to think they come to life at night just like in Toy Story.

See more pictures after the break.

Lego helm's deep 1

Lego helm's deep 2

Lego helm's deep 3

Lego helm's deep 4

Lego helm's deep 5

Lego helm's deep 6

(The Brothers Brick via Kotaku)


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