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This Iron Man Figure Comes With Teeny Tiny Couch


If you’ve ever bought an Iron Man action figure but silently thought to yourself, “Man, I wish this came with a tiny reproduction of some IKEA furniture,” then I have good news for you, weirdo.

Comicave Studios have announced a Comic-Con exclusive 6″ figure of the Mark 42 armor as seen in Iron Man 3 that comes with a selection of alternate hands, repulsor blasts and – no, but yes! – a teeny tiny couch.



The couch even comes in its own teeny tiny box, so you can get that teeny tiny apartment feel as you unpack the thing.

Why have Comicave done this, you ask? Well, clearly it’s to satisfy the tens of fans out there just itching to recreate the scene from Iron Man 3.

Yup, that’s the one.

There’s no price on the bundle just yet, but apparently the Mark 42 figure can be purchased on its own for around $100. So, you know, it will be more than that.


(via Toyark)


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