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Rest Easy On These Villainous Arm-Pillows From Japan


Y’know, sometimes I can’t help but feel like Japan really has a lot of very simple stuff figured out. Stuff like arm-pillows, which are pillows you wear on one arm so you can have a quick nap at your desk, ideally during your lunch break so your boss doesn’t walk past and grumpily wake you up to ask why you haven’t written that post about the LEGO Babylon 5 ship yet. (Erm. – Ed.)

It’s such a brilliant idea, in fact, that Japanese online retailer Premium Bandai has taken it one step further and introduced a range of Hitoyasumi Udemakura Kusshon Shiriizu (or “Napping Arm-pillow Cushion Series”) based on characters from UltramanMobile Suit Gundam, and Kinnikuman.

The pillows can be pre-ordered through September 26th for 4,320 yen (roughly $43 US). Check out more pillows from the series below.

The first arm-pillow is Alien Baltan from Ultraman, looking slightly less crabby and significantly more like a submarine painted a lovely shade of military gray (or is that ocean gray?).



If it’s claws you’re after, how about this arm-pillow of Gundam‘s MSM-04 Acguy?



Ah, but you’re really more of a stabby-smashy crusher type of napper, aren’cha? Don’t worry – Junkman from Kinnikuman has you covered.



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