Katniss Doll Repainted To Look Just Like Jennifer Lawrence


Mattel Barbie dolls look a little bit like the characters they’re sculpted to resemble but only just barely. Artist Noel Cruz, whom we’ve featured previously, takes the likeness to the next level with his repainting. He’s recently completed a makeover on the Katniss Everdeen doll from Catching Fire, and I can’t believe how much the finished product looks like Jennifer Lawrence. Cruz said the initial sculpt was good, which helped, but he still completely repainted the face and cut back the gigantic braid to make it look more realistic. I’m blown away by the difference.

Check out more photos – including an in-progress pic – after the break.

katniss doll 1

katniss doll 2

katniss doll 3

katniss in progress

Apparently, other fans were just as blown away as I was judging by the eBay auction which ended at $1980.55.

(DeviantArt via TMS)


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