Kinetic LEGO Sculpture Perfectly Mimics A Bat In Flight [Video]

Inspired by watching fruit bats fly around during a recent trip Down Under, Kristal Dubois decided to mimic their motions with an articulated flying bat sculpture made from LEGO.

As Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks describes in the video below, the creation involves some intricate Lego Technics engineering, including a stand housing a motor and drive system mounted on a floating frame, which provides an overall up and down rocking motion as well as flapping of the wings. Additional realism is provided by a scissor mechanism that simulates expansion and contraction of the wings as they move.

Aside from the mechanical aspects, the sculpture also features an artistic LEGO sunset depicted on the base that transitions to night as it is rotated, a reference to the nocturnal nature of bats.

(via Sploid)


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