LARP Up Game Of Thrones With These Foam Replica Weapons

GoT larp weapons 1

Want to bash a friend over the head with Ned Stark’s Ice or Jon Snow’s Longclaw? You can now do so without risking bloodshed because ThinkGeek has Game of Thrones LARP foam replica weapons available! It’s not quite Valyrian steel quality, but that’s safer for everyone involved.

The swords are made from 100% natural latex rubber and weigh less than five pounds. Ice is almost five feet long, and Longclaw is shorter at almost four feet long. If you’re not the LARPing type, you could definitely use these foam weapons for cosplay. Just remember – hit ’em with the pointy end!

See some close-up shots after the break.

GoT larp weapons 2

GoT larp weapons 3

GoT larp weapons 4

Product Page ($89.99 and up)


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