Leaked LEGO Pics May Have Revealed Jurassic World’s Terrifying New Dinosaur

jurassic world lego 1

Director Colin Trevorrow has stated that the upcoming Jurassic World will feature a new dinosaur made by the park’s geneticists. Newly leaked photos of LEGO sets featuring Jurassic World’s dinosaurs could showcase that creation, which has been dubbed the “D-Rex”. Chinese LEGO store Taobao posted the images online, and while we don’t have details to accompany the pictures, the dinosaur above sure looks like something different. I can’t wait to see that dinosaur on the big screen.

See more photos of the brick dinos after the break.

jurassic world lego 2

jurassic world lego 3

jurassic world lego 4

jurassic world lego 5

jurassic world lego 6

jurassic world lego 7

jurassic world lego 8

Also, the official Jurassic World website is live with a countdown to the trailer that ends on Thanksgiving Day (most likely during the football game on NBC). There is even a viral site to explore that centers around the fictional Masrani construction firm that helped build Jurassic World.

(Groovebricks via CBM via /Film)


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