This Massive Lego Apollo Saturn V Rocket Set Is Go For Launch

Strangely enough, it took an Ideas project to finally get Lego to release an official Apollo Saturn V rocket set. Seems like something that they should have done years ago. But, no matter—they’re making up for it in a big (and surprisingly affordable) way.

The Lego Saturn V stands a full meter in height (roughly 1:110 scale) and includes 1969 pieces (a nod to the year of the Apollo 11 moon landing). It can be split into three stages and includes the Lunar Module, Command/Service Module, and two astronaut minifigs tucked away inside.

Amazingly enough, the set will be priced at $120 when it is released on June 1st—which is fairly reasonable by Lego standards for a set of this size.

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(via The Verge)


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