LEGO Built a Life-Sized Bag End

Just a couple of weeks ago I sat down with my Lego set for Bag End and built a Hobbit hole on my coffee table. Unfortunately, it is not as cool as this Hobbit hole.

Lego built a life-sized Bag End! I assume it’s going to be used for promotion for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, but I’m hoping it makes its way to San Diego Comic-Con next summer – then I can try to steal it (all I need is a crane and a semi). Here’s what they had to say about it:

It took a team of 12 model shop employees 3,000 hours to build this life size model of the LEGO Bag End set. In addition to containing over 2 million 1×1 bricks this model has working lights in the fireplace and over the book stand as well as a chimney that really smokes!

We wants it, precious!

See more glorious photos after the break.

(via LEGO Facebook page)


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