LEGO Is Celebrating Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary By Releasing Ecto-1 Set [Video]

ecto 1

Who you gonna call when you want to get a project through the review process at LEGO? Brent Waller’s your guy. He’s the creator of the Ghostbusters 30th anniversary set featuring Ecto-1 with matching minifigs that was recently up for voting on Cuusoo. It got all the support it needed, and LEGO is moving on the project and making it official! Take that, ghosts.

Waller’s design has influenced the final product, but you won’t get exactly what you see in the project picture above. Final pricing, and availability are still being determined, but you can expect to see the Ecto-1 on store shelves later this year.

Watch the official announcement after the break.

(via /Film)


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