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All The Good Jokes About This LEGO Doctor Who Chess Set Were Taken


Doctor Who LEGO sets are a real thing now, fulfilling a wish I’ve had since I was about 5-years old, but that isn’t stopping Whovians from creating their own original LEGO creations.

Whovians like Adam Dodge, who has created a bloody spectacular Who-themed chess set.

On one side, we have a team made up of various incarnations of the Doctor and his allies – the Twelfth Doctor and the TARDIS are the King and Queen, the Bishops are made up of the dream-team of River Song and Captain Jack Harkness. The Eleventh and Tenth Doctors serve as the Knights, while Madame Vastra and Strax (in Sontaran battle armor) serve as the Rooks…


…and a number of modern companions, from Rose Tyler right the way up to the recently-departed Clara Oswald, serve as the Pawns.


Meanwhile, on the other side, you’ve got Davros and Missy as the King and Queen, Whispermen (from the series 7 finale “The Name of the Doctor”) as the Bishops, Daleks as Knights, and, appropriately enough, Weeping Angels as Rooks…


…with an army of Cybermen filling the Pawn positions.


The designs in this chess set are brilliant – I love it, I want it, I need it. But, if I had to nitpick (and what kind of Whovian would I be if I didn’t?) I’d say there’s an overemphasis on the modern version of Doctor Who and not enough classic representation. Yes, alright, K9’s a pawn for the good side, which is lovely and very right, but a chess set that doesn’t feature the Seventh Doctor feels very, very wrong.

This is, after all, a show with almost 53 years of history to draw from – I’d love to see Adam tackle a version of this board with classic companions, monsters, aliens and Doctors.

For now, though, this is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And y’know what? So was I!

(via Brothers Brick)


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