LEGO Doctor Who Needs Your Votes To Become Real


Now that Doctor Who is a go for Lego, the concepts are starting to trickle in to Lego Cuusoo. This idea for a Doctor Who Lego Set is definitely the most promising thus far. The design is the work of Andrew Clark who has been designing video games for the last 13 years but clearly has found his true calling.

The 530-piece set would include TARDIS interior and exterior walls, interior console, street, interior base, K9 and a Dalek. He’s also proposed 2 Doctor minifigs and 2 Companion minifigs that he hasn’t quite decided on yet. His suggestion is to have one older Doctor and one newer Doctor to make all the fans happy. There’s also the possibility of a Weeping Angel and even a Cyberman.

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It needs 10,000 votes to be considered for production so please head on over to Lego Cuusoo and help vote this into reality.

(via BuzzFeed)


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