LEGO Downton Abbey Probably Wouldn’t Meet The Dowager Countess’ Approval [Video]

lego downton abbey 1

Downton Abbey has been a bit too depressing lately. It could use some levity, and this LEGO interpretation of the estate is just the thing. Builder Eric Stevens created a brick copy of the gigantic castle and put together a cast of minifigs. After all, what is Downton Abbey with no occupants to gossip and cause trouble? He put thought into their oufits and tried to make them look as different from each other as possible.

Stevens built the replica for his girlfriend and spent hours looking up reference photos and ordering the right bricks for the job. The actual build only took him around four hours. This project makes me want Jane Austen LEGO sets.

Check out close ups of the minifigs and a video interviewing the builder after the break.

lego downton abbey 2

lego downton abbey 3

lego downton abbey 5

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(via Mashable)


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