LEGO Goes Macabre In “Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark”

lego 2

LEGO bricks can be wielded like paintbrushes. Finished LEGO builds often look like art, and I would definitely classify Mike Doyle as an artist. We’ve featured his jaw-dropping work in the past, and now he’s announced a sequel to his popular book Beautiful LEGO. This collection, Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark has a creepy and macabre tone with 325 pages of unique creations from 140 LEGO builders.

The above photo is an example of what you’ll see in the book, and you can see more pages after the break.

lego 1

lego 3

lego 4

lego 5

lego 6

Builders include Ryan Rubino, Tobias Buckdahn, Ekow Nimako, Chris McVeigh, and Brian Kescenovitz.

Product Page ($25.27 via TIC)


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