LEGO Mos Eisley Is A Wretched Hive Of Scum And Brickery


There aren’t many locales within the realms of sci-fi that have captured the imagination quite like Mos Eisley spaceport. With its cantina and, y’know, other places probably. So it’s not surprising that some delightful Star Wars fans are working on recreating the entire place – cantina and all – from LEGO.

The diorama, currently being worked on by Joshua Morris and two other builders from SydLUG, measures 6′ x 4′ and represents just a third of the diorama as planned. It contains a number of memorable locations from the movie, as well as one or two I don’t recognize at all. I’m sure some budding Star Wars fan can name each and every market stall, building and business present in the set so far – feel free to take to the comments if you do!

Check out more photos below.

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You can view more pics from the Mos Eisley diorama on Joshua Morris’ Flickr page.

(via Brothers Brick)

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